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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 46/1950

Christmas. Saleswoman in handbag business. Woman buys a bottle of booze. (35 m 2) Washington: meeting of Attlee - Truman Truman, Attlee, Secretary of State Acheson and Defence Minister Marshall after joint negotiations. (10 m) 03 Berlin: McCloy presented the
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Deutschlandspiegel 215/1972

. going forward. Enema, slow motion. Tarim WINS by a margin of 1 ½ meters. Jockey Geoff Lewis on winning horse Tarim. Tarim shies away with wreath. 02. Brandt in the United States - thanks for Marshall aid intake from airplane to airplane wings. Brandt
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Deutschlandspiegel 285/1978

Marshall plan S / W: pan across postwar rubble desert. President Truman signed utility. U.S. Secretary of State Marshall's initiator. Reconstruction images with fonts and posters on construction sites: America helps in the building of Europe - these wagons
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