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Deutschlandspiegel 247/1975

pit lamps rise from elevator. Federal Research Minister Matthöfer visited the pits of stone at Dortmund. Hans Matthöfer and attendant ride in lore wagon underground. Miners at the coal mining. New conveyor system will be visited. Graphical
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Deutschlandspiegel 260/1976

letters Cabinenlift. Marching band playing. Cabin lift is. In the lift Hans Matthöfer Secretary of research. Cameramen. Long shot of the Hesse town of Ziegenhain. Timber-frame houses. Pan across fields to the hospital. Building the aftercare clinic
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Deutschlandspiegel 325/1981

Genscher. Hans Matthöfer takes files from a Briefcase. Pedestrian zone. Pack of cigarettes on sale Board. Spirits in baskets in the wholesale market. Ward with patients and doctors. Pharmacies showcase transformer. In the pharmacy, the pharmacist packaged
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Deutschlandspiegel 316/1981

maneuver. Multi-role combat aircraft tornado in flight. Cabinet meeting with Schmidt, Genscher, Graf Lambsdorff, Hans Matthöfer. (71 m) 02. Lake Constance is in balloon Bodensee, Constance towns and Lake Constance landscape. Wastewater treatment plant on
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