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Welt im Film 293/1951

of Mecklenburg. (9 m) e. Berlin: donation for Association of Berlin housewives General Taylor and Mrs. McCloy present donation. Women sew sewing machine in Nähstube. (14 m) 03 Hamburg: Abraxas ballet dancers dancing Abraxas ballet at the German
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Welt im Film 296/1951

aboard the hospital ship. Treatment room. Ward. UN flag. Departure of the ship. (16 m) c. Frankfurt: Mrs. McCloy speaks before women's associations Mrs. McCloy at the lectern, half close, speaks, original sound. "My friends! In the 18 months that I live
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Welt im Film 316/1951

festival Mayor Kolb, total. New flag of the singer. Heuss speaks, total. Mrs. McCloy speaks, half-close. Choir sings. (21 m) c. Bremen: power plant Unterweser power lines before power plant. Power plant, total. Sign "This factory was built with ERP means
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Welt im Film 317/1951

: inauguration "Home for youth work" Mrs. McCloy speaks to the inauguration, half-close. Ernst Reuter speaks, half-close. Young people sitting on lawn. Young people in the House in reading rooms. (12 m) d. Vienna: assumption of Office by President Dr. grains Dr
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Welt im Film 322/1951

. Wagner-Standarte. Right of way by car to the opening. McCloy and Mrs. McCloy rises out of car. (35 m) 03 pictures from all over the world a. Garda Lake: sailing regatta flags be hoisted. Sailing boats on the Lake. Mountain peaks in the background
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Welt im Film 331/1951

. McCloy speaks, half close and great, and opened the Congress. (25 m) 04 colourful image gallery a. Burep: Negro chorus sings spirituals singers and singers of the Hall Johnson choir sing spirituals. (36 m) b. London: French artist goes on cable across
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Welt im Film 344/1952

guests to the Festival performance. McCloy and Mrs. McCloy, total. (13 m) e. Hamburg: Norwegian freighter takes donations from the United States goods will be unloaded. Religious relief organization distributed gifts to elderly and children. (12 m) 02
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Welt im Film 351/1952

House in Frankfurt. Funeral service in the Church of England in Cologne. Heuss and diplomats on arrival, half-close. (16 m) b. Frankfurt: Conference on women Mrs. McCloy at the lectern, half-close. Puts on glasses and speaks in English, o-ton: "the
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Welt im Film 368/1952

pier, great. (11 m) 03. The week in Berlin a. cornerstone for apprentice home Mrs. McCloy considered model of home, half-close. Mrs. McCloy to the lectern at the groundbreaking ceremony. Apprentices as a listener, half-close. Mrs. McCloy at cornerstone
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