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Welt im Film 262/1950

Jaques Fath Hotel Atlantic. Models on the catwalk. Afternoon dresses, coats. Cocktail dress with pleated skirt. Evening dresses, wedding dress. (25 m) 04. Munich: visit to the Dance Studio - Mecki Diehl dolls. Port pub, accordion players, Captain. Mecki
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Welt im Film 282/1950

. Hedgehog Mecki calls his boy off the streets, where cars together and hits him. Small Mecki and Micki. Interview: "are you crazy Pepperl? You instantly go from down the road. Pepperl! Can you not follow! Hey, Pepperl! Wait, I want to teach you the
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Welt im Film 290/1950

on goal. Score 2:2 feet shoots just before the end of the game 3:2 (34 m) 06 family Hedgehog celebrates Christmas snow falls on Igelhaus. Mecki and family before Christmas tree. Mecki speaks, original sound. "So now look at what has been brought to
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Welt im Film 300/1951

. (26 m) f. Ontario: nuclear reactor men at work at the factory for producing nuclear energy. (23 m) 02 Mecki warned: caution flu Mecki sends his son to bed and calls on people to be less reckless. (33 m) 03. Around winter sports a. Hahnenklee: German
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Welt im Film 303/1951

. Olek must 10 sec. before the end of the fight to the ground and is counted out by the referee. Winner by k.o. coal crushers, accompanied Olek in his corner. (20 m) 5th Easter Bunny and Easter Hedgehog Easter egg, big. Mecki painted Easter egg. Easter
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Welt im Film 330/1951

: Oktoberfest flag swivel, great. Bavaria Chapel. Brewery horses before cars. Balloons. Young woman with balloon. Mecki sits in a beer glass and speaks. Mecki sits on balloon and fly over terrain. Marquee, total. Carousel. Roller coaster. Lighted coaster. Bumper
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Welt im Film 343/1951

: holyday on ice girls dance on the ice. Couple dances. Appearance of 2 clowns buddy and Suresh. (51 m) 05 Hedgehog Mecki has Sylvester worries Mecki faces WIF poster before film cans. He opens film Bush 1949 - Fireworks happy new year 1949 baby crawls 1950
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Welt im Bild 61/1953

start basket lowers. External motor boat Board in the race. Spectators on the shore. People look up balcony which run to. Boats at the turn. Target flag is waved. Winner boat sails with tight start finish line. Winner beckons. 17 Mecki speaks to the
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 187/1953

, behind boat. Fall. (20 m) 14 Mecki speaks to the election ballot. Mecki looks in empty ballot box. Man reading newspaper with headline today election day and falls asleep. Man casts ballot in Recycle Bin. Woman used wrap ballot to the bread. Man hangs
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