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UFA-Dabei 903/1973

, Genscher, large, close. Federal spokesman of Wechmar with whistle. Willy Weyer with cigar in hand. Minister Friderichs, close, Moers, Dahrendorf, spark. (44 m) 02 Europe: energy crisis oil refinery from the top. Recordings in the refinery. Vote in the
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UFA-Dabei 914/1974

01 Cologne: 14. International furniture fair man sits on a soft plastic chair. Various furniture styles: rustic, modern and old English. Reclining seats, which resemble human silhouettes. Plastic folding chairs. Living landscapes in leather, linen[…]
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UFA-Dabei 947/1974

industrial plants. Opening the week with Riad speaks before microphones. Moers and H. Filbinger as a listener. Arab women as a listener. Riad H. Schmidt, short. 04. Schleswig-Holstein: Damp 2000 holiday centre of a Manor House driving a horse-drawn carriage
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UFA-Dabei 1007/1975

This engine: 5-11 final Marseille - if one may believe the Globetrotters, a synonym for fish soup, narcotics, and hot chicks. Seharfen there were at this time also to visit the outskirts of Marseille: brave everyday cars, by crafty gymnasts[…]
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