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Deutschlandspiegel 207/1971

1 Munich: Topping-out ceremony Olympic stadium construction site settings Olympic Stadium. Roof, grandstand series. Flying helicopters is the Richtkrone for the stadium. The roof of the stadium. Helicopter flies the TV Tower in the foreground.[…]
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UFA-Dabei 815/1972

if the appliance. Table covered with blue onion Dinnerware. Porcelain balls as a wall decoration. Reciprocally provided glasses. Hessian Minister Osswald with other men in conversation, great. Swing above crowds. Melitta dishware. Ceramic tableware
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Deutschlandspiegel 211/1972

. Frankfurt: Inauguration of the air port train station Frankfurt airport retracts. Gustav Heinemann on the train platform in the company immediately next to Prime Minister Albert Osswald. Gustav Heinemann speaks at ceremony for the opening of the new
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UFA-Dabei 873/1973

only alternative." Members of the SPD Board: Jochen Steffen, Rhunhau, Osswald, Heinz Kühn, Annemarie Renger, Eppler, Alex Möller, Arendt, Jochen Vogel, Börner, Egon Franke. Delegates. Willy Brandt speaks interview: "the consolidation of peace through
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UFA-Dabei 903/1973

01 Wiesbaden: 24 FDP Party Congress Wiesbaden Rhein-Main-Halle from the outside. Walter Scheel, Mischnik, Hildegard Hamm-Brücher, half total. Josef Ertl cigar smoking, large, close. Walter Scheel speaks interview: "it does not help also of the[…]
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UFA-Dabei 979/1975

This technique: Biblis A in Betrieb ' I think that with the great NPP of Biblis A in our country nuclear power from the time of the testing, if I may say so,- or the fumbling attempts has grown out to a powerful expanding energy sources. Here[…]
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UFA-Dabei 982/1975

This society: Emphasized she drives in a retail in the morning to work, one of about 10 million working women in the Federal Republic: Claudia Wiechern, Krankengynmastin in the peace village Oberhausen, where she tries, the most vulnerable victims[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 249/1975

Minister Albert Osswald clap on bleachers. Football is on the kick-off spot. Handshake of the game guide. Spectators waving schwarz-rot-goldenen flags, total. Game. Walter Scheel, great. Sepp Maier is in the German goal. 8. Minute beheads a Wang in the 1
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Deutschlandspiegel 248/1975

, high recognition." As listeners Minister Osswald, is great. Hans Friderichs visited the nuclear power plant with yellow safety helmets. Indoor shots. Setting of different phases of the work. Workers at the building. Reactor pressure vessel is
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Deutschlandspiegel 263/1976

whistle. Listeners applaud. (82 m) 03 obituary Federal President Gustav Heinemann funeral ceremony in the Bundestag. At the side of Walter Scheel, Hilda Heinemann enters the Chamber. Standing in the first row. Osswald, Bundestag-Annemarie RENGER, Bundestag
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Deutschlandspiegel 259/1976

. Discussions of Helmut Schmidt, Gierek, Genscher. Members of Parliament. The Lower Saxony Prime Minister Albrecht in the conversation. Helmut Schmidt on arrival. Vote in the Bundesrat. Country representatives vote "Yes". Minister Osswald, Hesse, announces the
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Deutschlandspiegel 261/1976

Scheel, Helmut Kohl, Annemarie RENGER, min. President Osswald. Listeners applaud. Hamburg: Exhibition in the Town Hall. Pictures of emigrant ships to the United States 200 years ago with parboiled sailing. Arrival of emigrants. Berlin: US soldiers with
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