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Welt im Film 156/1948

. Inauguration of the new bridge. O Director Pünder speaks of the two Council zone, half-close. Jeweled train over the bridge. Recording off the train. (29 m) b. Frankfurt / Main: gya home for youth speakers. Children clap. Fairy pictures on the walls. Children
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Welt im Film 161/1948

umbrellas in endless snake before money issuer. People with money exchange. Woman with a headscarf, large. Man with beard, great. Businessman puts bottles in window. Price list of theatre. Dr. Pünder at Rundfunfkansprache. Original sound. "Honest work must
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Welt im Film 207/1949

Government officials. Dr. Köhler thanks clay, great. Clay, sitting, half-close. O Director Dr. Pünder speaks big. The Hessian Minister President Christian Stock speaks, great. Clay is Dr. Köhler, Dr Pünder and Christian Stock the hand. Clay is great. (23 m) b
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 29/1950

. Henry Spaak / Belgium, large, elected as President of the Assembly. Dr. Pünder in conversation with Churchill. Carlo Schmid, half-close. (Setting up a European army) (28 m) 2nd war in Korea General Mac Arthur gets out of aircraft. Soldiers load gun
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Welt im Film 272/1950

. Session. Dr. Pünder in conversation with Churchill. Theme of the meeting: formation of a pan-European force. (24 m) 03 Göppingen: German Swimming Championships spectators, half-close. 100 m crawl women: swimming, turn. It wins Gertrud Herbruck, Pirmasens
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