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UFA-Wochenschau 541/1966

1 Hamburg: NPD - counter-demonstration title: this week, image: demonstrators with banners. Young protesters in procession in the evening with NPD banners with swastikas. Senator Ruhnau speaks at demonstration o-ton, half close: "We are here today
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UFA-Dabei 685/1969

addition to Ruhnau. Brandt gives autographs. Brandt speaks interview: "the voice is still something carried by the many speeches of the last few days and I am very glad that I have a day tomorrow at which I, not to mention Sunday never need -. Who chooses
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UFA-Dabei 873/1973

1 Hannover: SPD party day the Dome Hall and SPD flags before that. In the domed Hall on the wall a banner with the text: "for the expansion of social democracy in our State". Willy Brandt has the book "Willy Brandt of seven-seven" in his hand.[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 245/1975

." Among the listeners of Mayor Hans-Ulrich Klose, great. Cameraman with fur hat films. Elbe to Övelgönne, shot back. Altenwerder. Hans-Ulrich Klose and Heinz Ruhnau in the crowd. Construction site Elbtunnel. Rock. Digging of the tunnel tube. Helmut Schmidt
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