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Deutschlandspiegel 316/1981

stücklen at the swearing in of the Federal Chancellor on the Constitution. Helmut Schmidt actuality: "... and justice will practise against anyone, so help me God." Deputies clapping, standing. Congratulations Helmut Kohl Helmut Schmidt. Cameramen - and
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Deutschlandspiegel 338/1982

01. the new Federal Government Bundestag session. Bundestag President stücklen actuality: "With 'Yes' voted 256 deputies" clapping and cheering in the ranks of the CDU deputies. Under the first Congratulators Helmut Schmidt, who congratulated the
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Deutschlandspiegel 334/1982

Stücklen Schmidt and Carstens go the hemicycle of the Parliament behind them. Present rise and clap. Cameraman swings. Reagan speaks before the German Parliament. Reagan quote: "the american people recognized europeans substantial security contribution to
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Deutschlandspiegel 342/1983

the tall ship Passat in the port of Lübeck. Sailing course. Mitterrand, stücklen, Carstens, Kohl's arrival in the plenary Chamber of the German Bundestag. Mitterrand speaks interview before the German Bundestag. On the Kohl Government Bank, Genscher
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