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UFA-Wochenschau 255/1961

Mittelstürmer Strehl nimmt eine Flanke von Wild auf. Zwischen zwei Verteidigern hindurch drückt er das Leder mit dem Kopf ins Tor. 2:0. Jetzt dirigiert Max Morlock seine Mannen wie er will. In der 67. Minute schiebt er den Ball am Bremer Schlußmann Kokartis
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 796/1965

free-kick, a clapping to the 3:0 man with cigarette shoots Sieloff, great. Goalkeeper Maglitz is bored on the square. Camera behind the gate. Ball is shot on goal past. Corner. Audience, great. Strehl beheads a 4: 0 game in front of the gate of Cyprus
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UFA-Wochenschau 457/1965

audience, great. Sieloff scored from penalty spot slaps to the 3:0 viewers with a cigarette in his mouth. Ball will be shot at the misses (camera behind the gate). Young man with a cigarette, big. Strehl shoots that 4-0. Laughing audience, great. Overath
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UFA-Wochenschau 460/1965

the playing field. Bremen's goalkeeper Bernard tried to catch the ball. Strehl shoots up to the 2:2 spectators disappointed and happy. Game scenes in front of goal. Palade scored the 3-2 to Bremen in the corner, ZL. Spectators, half-close. Foul on
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 822/1965

Ecker turns free-kick to the 1:0 spectators clapping, half-close. Flying ball over goal. Alemann's flank to Strehl, who scored a 2-0, ZL. Blonde spectator, disappointed. Schnoor throws into the gate in the wrong corner, ZL. Boys clapping behind the gate
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UFA-Wochenschau 587/1967

champions. We will try Of course, to mix in with." Ball training, ZL. The player Wabra, Strehl and Wenauer during training. Goalkeeper parades by Wabra, ZL. Bremen: game scenes in front of goal. Spectators, half-close. 2 players in the battle for the ball
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UFA-Dabei 617/1968

-0. Shot on goal in ZL. Strehl shoots headed goal ZL. 2-0 to Nuremberg. Flags are waved. Police hold back people. Review: on the game to the German football championship 1948: FC Kaiserslautern. Game scenes, totally. Players go against each other and fall
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UFA-Dabei 670/1969

und fällt. Strehl schießt ein zum 3:2. Küppers schießt 3:3. Aufgeregter älterer Zuschauer mit Schirmmütze diskutiert. 02. Kiesinger in Japan Dabei aktuell - Notizen zur Zeit, Bild: Kiesiner geht neben Frau. Kiesinger und Frau gehen an Geishas vorbei
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 1009/1969

-close. Bremen shoots. Goalkeeper Rynio keeping. Floodlights: Nuremberg's striker is fouled in the penalty area and falls. Strehl shoots up to the 3:2 Küppers shoots 3-3. Excited older viewers with Cap discussed.
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