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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 949/1968

from aircraft. Johnson on airfield at wounded. Johnson waived candidacy, actuality, big: "Accordingly, I shall not seek, and I will not accept the nomination of my party for another term as your president." 02. Prague: General Svoboda will elect
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UFA-Dabei 610/1968

. Kosygin sets URN in the Kremlin wall. Pictures of Gagarin and Serjogin, which crashed with him before burial. (39 m) 03 Prague: General Svoboda is the President of the Republic elected title: this policy: the Prague Spring. Image: Svoboda, great. Vote of
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UFA-Dabei 633/1968

the street. Old woman wiping with handkerchief over eyes. Young man holding lowered flag on Memorial for fallen soldiers. DUBCEK's Central Committee meeting, half close. DUBCEK welcomes generals of the CSSR. Svoboda in conversation with generals, half
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 972/1968

Svoboda to session. DUBCEK welcomes generals of the CSSR. Svoboda's talking to generals. Destruction in the city. Zatopek speaks on the road, big, and runs fleeing away. Locked gate of Prague Castle. The 5 generals of the occupying powers go to the Prague
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 977/1968

) on the "fearless" the warship of fearless, half-close. Smith upon arrival at airport, close to half. Wilson speaks of reporters, half-close. Smith at the Conference table. 03. Prague: Svoboda receives singer at the castle of Svoboda, laughing, big
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UFA-Dabei 641/1968

was welcomed in 1955. What was then state compliant right, may be not suddenly wrong." Clapping audience. Schröder claps, great. (25 m) 03 CSSR - 50th anniversary of the independence police officer chain holding back pressing people. Svoboda greeting
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