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Welt im Film 29/1945

. Plate No. Lotte ring - standing around is prohibited. Tanks and soldiers outside the courthouse, half the total. Check at the entrance. Pass card, great. Lieutenant-General Truscott, Commander of the 3rd U.S. Army, comes. The process begins. The present
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Welt im Film 34/1946

aircraft (total). (21 m) 03 Bayern - end a Sprengstoffabrik Lieutenant-General Truscott solves the blast off (half total). The factory exploded, clouds of smoke (total). Debris from the factory after the explosion. Soldiers go through the debris. Powder
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Welt im Film 43/1946

-General Truscott throws a ball in the field for the opening of an ice hockey game between two teams of the American armed forces (total). Downhill skiing (total). Four-man event (total). Winter sports training of the American soldiers. (19 m) b. rugby Scotland
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Welt im Film 47/1946

) and sit down. General Truscott (large). The dock (total). Individual defendant (large). The defendant of the upper Danube and SS Gruppenführer Eigruber interrogated (interview) "What is your full name?" "Josef Eigruber." "How old are you?" "38 years
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