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Die eroberte Festung Dünamünde

Troop visit by Kaiser Wilhelm II accompanied by Prince Heinrich of Prussia and Generalfeldmarschall Prinz Leopold von Bayern;. Infantry with a steel helmet and members of the Marine Division present the rifle; Wilhelm II. embarks with his[…]
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Der Kaiser bei unseren türkischen Verbündeten

I part: 1 subtitles: image: military chapel at the train station of Sirketschi railway station of Constantinople, a train. 2. subheads: Image: welcome Kaiser Wilhelm II., by Sultan Mehmed v and war Minister Enver Pasha. 3. subtitles: Image:[…]
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Zu den Kämpfen um Tarnopol

The breakthrough battle in eastern Galicia map 1917 Act 1 reserve forces regroup at the railway station in Zlodzow and March; Prince Eitel Friedrich of Prussia rides on the camera temporarily; -Hauled train column runs through village destroyed;[…]
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Bilder aus der großen Schlacht III. Teil

1 subtitles: Previous infantry. Image: (Total) firing field artillery, smoke clouds on the horizon; advancing infantry. 2. subheads: 21-cm mortar fire. Image: 21 cm mortars (21 cm mortar 10) will be loaded and fired. 3. intertitles in: after the[…]
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Kaiserliche Kriegsmarine

"U 1", the first German submarine, built in 1905-06; Ships of the Kaiser class; Ship of the line "Nassau", launched in 1908 in Kiel; Ship of the East Friesland class; Cruiser "Karlsruhe", launched in 1912, sank on the 04.11.1914 in the[…]
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Kriegsflieger an der Westfront

Field airfield with several, one after the other starting biplanes "Albatros C". 1 subtitles: Reconnaissance. Image: A reconnaissance aircraft "LVG C II". the pilot on the plane; the observer goes; Start; The reconnaissance flight through the[…]
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UFA-Wochenschau 131/1959

01 West Berlin: Hohenzollern meeting on the 100th anniversary of the birth of Emperor Wilhelm II. sign at Bell Board of Villa Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia. Louis Ferdinand seen photos on the desk. Group picture. Review: Wilhelm II. in Berlin.[…]
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 757/1964

01 Germany 50 years ago. Soldiers from the 1st World War March beginning of war and witnessed the assassination of Serajewo. Soldier invites gun. Gun angle. Charging soldiers. Fanzer in use fanren through forest. Soldiers in trenches. Aircraft[…]
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 761/1964

01 Kaiser Wilhelm II. review Huis Doorn, Netherlands. Guided tour of the House. Old-fashioned furniture car driving on the road. COP going on the Castle Park of Doorn. Man rides bicycle with a box by the door. Men with flag and drum pull in the[…]
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UFA-Wochenschau 597/1968

1 Berlin: street naming Kaiserdamm or Adenauer dam title. Notes at the time of image: parade of imperial troops of imperial troops. Street scene from the Imperial era with horse. Road sign Kaiserdamm is renovated in workshop. Court society from[…]
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UFA-Dabei 601/1968

1 Berlin: street naming "Kaiserdamm" title: this satire: ghosts of yesterday, image: Mercedes drives. Pferdedroschke moves to Berlin. Road sign Kaiserdamm Adenauer dam. Kaiser Wilhelm II. salute. Cars with headlights. Road sign Kaiserdamm. People[…]
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