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UFA-Dabei 630/1968

Gerhard Wucherer. His winning time: 10,3. Heide Rosendahl from Leverkusen spread record mood: with 6 m 62, she jumped to the top of the world's year best. The number 80 prevailed in the 80 metre hurdles. The experienced Inge Schell from Munich won 10
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 969/1968

5 m. Er reißt die Latte bei größerer Höhe ZL. Diskus Frauen: Liesel Westermann, Köln siegt mit 62,50 m ZL. Starter gibt Startschuß. 100 m Lauf Männer: Start und Lauf ZL. Gerd Metz/ Mainz, siegt im Endspurt vor Wucherer/ München. ZL. Zuschauer
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UFA-Dabei 633/1968

launching pad, from behind. 100 m run men: start. Gauso Kone / Africa WINS with 10.3 before Gerhard Wucherer. Kone and usurers To give the hand itself, half-close. Hammer throw: Uwe Bayer WINS with 69,82 m. young spectator, large. Shot put. Heinfried
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 973/1968

01 return of gravel Ingers from Southwest Asia Boeing airfield (title underground). Kiesinger and woman descend stairs, half close behind them by Guttenberg. He was laughing, big, with welcome. Mrs Kiesinger welcomes people. He was speaking after[…]
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