Current Events in the Rear-View Mirror

75th Birthday of Sabine Bergmann-Pohl (* April 20, 1946)

The physician Sabine Bergmann-Pohl is the final head of state of the declining GDR. After passing her specialist examinations and earning her doctorate, she is initially put in charge of an outpatient clinic for lung diseases and tuberculosis in… mehr…

70th Anniversary of the Opening of the First SOS Children's Village (April 15, 1951)

On April 15, 1951, the first SOS Children's Village opens in the Austrian village of Imst, initially providing 45 children with a new home in five houses. The foundation for the donation-based facility had been laid just two years earlier. The… mehr…

60-Year Anniversary of the Beginning of the Eichmann Trial (April 11, 1961)

Sixty years ago, the sensational trial of Adolf Eichmann began in Jerusalem. As head of the "Judenreferat" IV B 4 in the "Reichssicherheitshauptamt" (Reich Security Main Office), Eichmann was responsible for handling the deportation of millions of… mehr…

50th Years of New Traffic Regulations (March 1, 1971)

On March 1, 1971 Germany’s new traffic regulations become enforced, taking the place of the old 1937 rules which had seen their last update in 1956. On one hand the government was finally reacting to the fact that traffic had grown—which also meant… mehr…

Gorbatchev’s 90th Birthday (* March 2, 1931)

Gorbatchev is only 54 years old when he takes over the leadership of the rather geriatric central committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. His Glasnost and Perestroika policies make him famous the world over. By opening up… mehr…

Rosa Luxemburg’s 150th Birthday (* March 5, 1871)

The revolutionary’s most famous quote is „Freedom is always and exclusively freedom for the one who thinks differently“. Many consider Rosa Luxemburg the greatest leftist politician of the 20th century—for her fundamental critique of capitalism, for… mehr…

Friedrich Ebert’s 150th Birthday (* February 02, 1871)

Friedrich Ebert is one of the central figures of the German social democractic movement. In 1919 he becomes Germany’s first democratically elected head of state.  Born in Heidelberg in 1871 to dressmaker parents Ebert trains as a saddle-maker after… mehr…

Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg’s 150th Death Anniversary († February 02, 1871)

It’s part of the inventory of nearly every concert hall in the world: a Steinway & Sons grand piano. The legendary instrument traces back to the German piano maker Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg. Steinweg was born in the Harz region on February 15,… mehr…

70 Years of Pan-American Games (Feb 25-March 9, 1951)

On February 25, 1951 the first Pan American Games open in Buenos Aires. Athletes from 21 nations of the Americas participate. The idea of the competition between all countries of North, Central and South America goes back to the 1930s. When the Pan… mehr…

50th Anniversary of Re-Opening Phone Services between East and West Germany (January 31, 1971)

In January of 1971 telephone services between East and West Berlin are resumed again. Almost two decades earlier the GDR had severed approximately 4,000 lines. This was its answer to a treaty between the FRG and the 3 Western Allies, the so-called… mehr…

The Band „Die Prinzen“ at 30 Years (1991)

Die Prinzen are the trailblazers for German a capella pop music and one of the most successful German bands. Originally called Die Herzbuben the band had formed in 1987 in Leipzig. They changed their name after German reunification since there was… mehr…

75th Anniversary of the first United Nations General Assembly (January 10, 1946)

The first General Assembly of the United Nations meets on January 10 in London’s Westminster Central Hall. 2,000 representatives from 51 founding nations have come to the UK for this. The evening before the assembly, King George hosts a state… mehr…
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