Current Events in the Rear-View Mirror

30-Year Anniversary of Signing the State Treaty Establishing a Monetary, Economic and Social Union between the GDR and the FRG (May 18, 1990)

On May 18, 1990 the Finance Secretaries Theo Waigel (FRG) and Walter Romberg (GDR) sign the state treaty regarding the monetary, economic and social union. It goes into force on July 1. This implements a decisive step toward a German union. The… mehr…

50th Anniversary of Thor Heyerdahl Taking Off On Ra II (May 17, 1970)

The legendary Norwegian ethnographer and adventurer Thor Heyerdahl undertakes a spectacular endeavour at the end of the 1960s: he wants to travel from Africa to Central America in a papyrus reed boat. More than two decades earlier he had gone on his… mehr…

Suspension of Ration Stamps in the FRG (May 1, 1950)

On May 1, 1950 the disbursement of ration stamps in the Federal Republic of Germany is abolished after one decade. The rationing of food products had been introduced as early as the beginning of World War II, and over the years the measures… mehr…

40th Anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock’s Death († April 29, 1980)

Alfred Hitchcock is the undisputed “Master of Suspense”, even today. He steers his audience’s emotions, plays with their fears and desires like no other director. Psycho, Rear Window, Vertigo, North by Northwest, The Birds, Dial M for Murder - each… mehr…

Brasilia Celebrates its 60th Anniversary as Capital of Brazil (April 21, 1960)

On April 21, 1960 Brasilia superceded Rio de Janeiro as Brazil’s capital. Socialist President Juscelino Kubitschek led the inauguration festivities. His and everyone’s hopes were that Brasilia would become a city of the future. On the president’s… mehr…

75th Anniversary of Käthe Kollwitz’ Death († April 22, 1945)

The graphic artist and sculptor Käthe Kollwitz is one of the best known female German artists, owing much to her socio-critical and political work. She is born in 1867 in Königsberg. Her liberal parents encourage her artistic gift from an early age… mehr…

The first and final free elections in the GDR (March 18, 1990)

On March 18, 1990 the final elections to the GDR’s Volkskammer (People’s Chamber) take place. For the first time in the history of the GDR 12.2 million eligible voters have the opportunity to elect their parliamentary representatives. The voter… mehr…

100-Year Anniversary of the Kapp-Lütwitz-Putsch (March 13, 1920)

In March 1920 right wing forces launch their first attack on the Weimar Republic’s infant democracy. It’s in retaliation to the recently enforced Treaty of Versailles, which many view as a „dictated peace.“ The treaty includes the massive reduction… mehr…

Günther Uecker Turns 90 (* March13, 1930)

The painter and sculptor Günther Uecker is a world famous artist, thanks to his nail paintings. Uecker is born in Mecklenburg in 1930, where his father is an engineer. After finishing school he takes up an apprenticeship as a painter and advertising… mehr…

100 Years Ago the „Anastasia Legend“ was Born (February 17, 1920)

On February 17, 1920 one of the 20th century’s greatest legends is born when a young woman tries to take her own life. That day the police rescue a 24-year old from the Landwehr Canal in Berlin. The woman claims to have no memory, she doesn’t even… mehr…

Camera Manufacturer Rollei was Founded 100 Years Ago (February 1, 2020)

In the realm of photography the name Rollei reverberates, even today. The company’s Rolleiflex camera enjoys cult status. It all goes back to the ingenious mechanic and founder Reinhold Heidecke. To turn his vision for a new kind of camera for the… mehr…

60 Years of CERN (February 5, 1960)

CERN’s legendary reputation as the largest lab for particle physics in the world surpasses the realm of science. Originally initiated by the European Organization for Nuclear Research the research centre in Meyrin near Geneva in Switzerland is… mehr…
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