Current Events in the Rear-View Mirror

Marlene Dietrich’s 30th Death Anniversary († May 6, 1992)

Marlene Dietrich is still considered one of the greatest stars of classic Hollywood cinema. Born in Berlin in 1901, she starts her career in the Golden Twenties with appearances in revues and silent films. Her role as the frivolous Lola in "The Blue… mehr…

J. Edgar Hoover’s 50th Death Anniversary († May 2, 1972)

Revered by some to be the mastermind of the fight against crime, but also regarded by others as the sinister godfather of the modern surveillance state - J. Edgar Hoover. His name is inextricably linked with the FBI; after all, he headed the Federal… mehr…

50th Anniversary of the Bomb attack on Springer building (May 19, 1972)

On the afternoon of May 19, 1972, the headquarters of the Axel Springer publishing house in Hamburg is rocked by a violent detonation. Two four-kilo pipe bombs explode on two floors of the high-rise building, injuring 36 people and causing great… mehr…

Carl Amery’s 100th Birthday (* April 9, 1922)

Writer Carl Amery shaped the political discourse of the Federal Republic of Germany like no other. He became an important pioneer of the environmental and post-growth movements with his socially critical writings. Born in Munich on April 9, 1922, as… mehr…

Boris Jelzin’s 15th Anniversary of Death († April 23, 2007)

He goes down in the history books as Russia's first democratically elected head of state, who in the process became a tragic figure of profound change in the post-Soviet Union - Boris Yeltsin. Yeltsin was born in the Urals in 1931 to a family of… mehr…

50th Anniversary of the Vote of No Confidence Against Chancellor Willy Brandt (April 27, 1972)

On April 27, 1972, the very first no-confidence vote against a chancellor of the Federal Republic took place. It was on this day, that the CDU/CSU parliamentary group submitted a motion to this effect against Willy Brandt. The cause for this drastic… mehr…

20th Anniversary of the Death of Billy Wilder († March 27, 2002)

Billy Wilder's superb comedies "The Seven Year Itch" (1955), "Some Like It Hot" (1959) and "One, Two, Three" (1961) made him immortal. The much darker film noir "Double Indemnity" (1944), the tragicomedy "Sunset Boulevard" (1950) and what film… mehr…

Wernher von Braun’s 110th Birthday (* March 23, 1912)

Wernher von Braun was both an undisputed pioneer of space travel as well as a highly controversial figure. He first built the V2 terror weapon for Hitler and later the moon rocket for the US space program under President John F. Kennedy. Born in… mehr…

70th Anniversary of the Attempted Assassination of Konrad Adenauer (March 27, 1952)

On March 27, Konrad Adenauer narrowly escaped an assassination attempt. In the evening, the Munich police had opened a package addressed to him. A bomb exploded, killing one officer and injuring five others. Two boys had brought the parcel to police… mehr…

20th Anniversary of Hildegard Knef’s Death († February 1, 2002)

She was the first international star from the destroyed and internationally ostracized post-war Germany - the actress, singer and writer Hildegard Knef. Born in Ulm on December 28, 1925, Hildegard Frieda Albertine Knef grew up in Berlin. After… mehr…

60th Anniversary of the North Sea Flood ( February 16/17, 1962)

On the night of February 16-17, 1962, a severe storm surge swept across northern Germany - one of the biggest natural disasters in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. Hurricane "Vincinette" had already reached the North Sea coast by… mehr…

Thomas Alva Edison’s 175th Birthday (* February 11, 1847)

Thomas Alva Edison is considered one of the greatest and most productive inventors of the 20th century. Born in Milan, Ohio, on February 11, 1847, the son of a schoolteacher and a small businessman, Edison showed an interest in technology during his… mehr…
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