Current Events in the Rear-View Mirror

50th Anniversary of Re-Opening Phone Services between East and West Germany (January 31, 1971)

In January of 1971 telephone services between East and West Berlin are resumed again. Almost two decades earlier the GDR had severed approximately 4,000 lines. This was its answer to a treaty between the FRG and the 3 Western Allies, the so-called… mehr…

The Band „Die Prinzen“ at 30 Years (1991)

Die Prinzen are the trailblazers for German a capella pop music and one of the most successful German bands. Originally called Die Herzbuben the band had formed in 1987 in Leipzig. They changed their name after German reunification since there was… mehr…

75th Anniversary of the first United Nations General Assembly (January 10, 1946)

The first General Assembly of the United Nations meets on January 10 in London’s Westminster Central Hall. 2,000 representatives from 51 founding nations have come to the UK for this. The evening before the assembly, King George hosts a state… mehr…

75th Anniversary of the Re-Opening of Circus Krone (December 23, 1945)

In 1945 the renowned Circus Krone re-opens its doors to the public, just in time for the first Christmas after World War II. One year earlier the Circus Krone building—a wooden structure originally built in 1919—was destroyed in an air raid on… mehr…

Commemorating Ernst Rowohlt’s Death 60 Years Ago († December 01, 1960)

Ernst Rowohlt counts as one of the most important publishers of the 20th century, one who made history by picking outstanding writers while staying true to his undogmatic approach. Rowohlt was born in Bremen and trained as a banker. Because he… mehr…

Commemorating Heinrich 'Hein' Bollow’s 100th Birthday (* December 05, 1920)

Hein Bollow is a horseracing legend. He is the first German and the second athlete worldwide to win more than 1,000 races—first as a champion jockey and later as a trainer. Bollow was born in 1920 in Nienstedten near Hamburg. His father is the owner… mehr…

50th Anniversary of Nina Ricci’s Death († November 29, 1970)

The fashion designer Nina Ricci makes her mark with her refined feminine Haute Couture made from luxurious fabrics and elaborate ornaments. Her high-end creations quickly become the epitome of the good taste of Paris.   Born as Maria Adélaide Nielli… mehr…

Allied Control Council Approves Plan to Relocate Germans (November 20th, 1945)

At the Potsdam Conference in the summer of 1945 the three main allies temporarily accept the borders in Eastern Europe including the westward shift of Poland. At the same time they decide the “orderly and humane transfer” of the Ethnic German… mehr…

125th Anniversary of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Discovering X-Rays

On November 8th 1895 Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovers the rays that would be named after him. The professor of theoretical physics was investigating diluted gas and electrical discharge when he made this groundbreaking discovery. He experimented… mehr…

Niki de Saint Phalle’s 90th Birthday (*October 29, 1930)

Her colourful, voluptuous sculptures of female bodies made the iconic feminist artist famous all over the world: Niki de Saint Phalle. The artist is born on October 29, 1930 in Neuilly-sur-Seine but mostly grows up in the USA. Her father was an… mehr…

30th Anniversary of the Attempted Assassination of Wolfgang Schäuble (October 12, 1990)

On October 12, 1990 CDU politician Wolfgang Schäuble becomes the target of an assassination attempt. Schäuble attends an election campaign event at the inn Brauerei Bruder in Oppenau in Baden Württemberg that evening. The small town is part of his… mehr…

75th Anniversary of the German Red Cross Tracing Service (October 18, 1945)

Millions of Germans are missing after the end of World War II. Flight and expulsion, bombings and evacuations have separated them from their families. Two Wehrmacht officers initiate the „Red Cross, Refugee Relief Organisation, Investigation… mehr…
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