Hinter den Kulissen der Reichspost 1925

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The film is interspersed with a storyline that shows operation and facilities of the German Reichspost after World War II, especially the shots of postal facilities in Munich.

Storyline: in the Office of Deulig film gives the Director the Director of Brown and asks him to take over a job of the Reichspost. The Director develops his plan in an interview with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of postal (Leopold von Ledebur) (the shots of the facilities are built into the conversation).

1. role: Operation of daily newspapers and weeklies promotions (here the Scherlblätter "Local scoreboard" and "The week" are exposed). Inside a post train car during the train ride. Sort mail of each recorded in the car. Entrance to the Leipzig / main station, loading the mail bags, new distribution in the post office. Delivery of newspapers by mailman. Storyline: The master of the House, who refused to give his wife and his adult children money for clothing, feels embarrassed, because "The week" brings a photo of him and his girlfriend. To distract the family, he granted all wishes. (Supporting advertising for the home of green field)
2. role: postal operations. Mail delivery. Letter post office sorters, conveyor belt with letter post office railway post office connected. Postman Hall. The postman at the sort of letters and in the joint March. (Munich: letter post Office behind the main station). Newspaper post office in Munich. Delivery of newspapers by transport vehicles. Title "Münchner post", "Munich-based newspaper" among other things address printing for newspaper delivery, machine room for tube system, mailing tube. In the postal check Office, distribution, sorting, Buchhalterie (women), accounting (date on a statement by the 16.4.1922; the clothing also refers to an earlier production as 1925) 3. role: force postal operations in Munich. Exit from the tramcar shed on the Champs de Mars, Electr. Power post car. Exit from the post office Manor House Bavaria road. Express delivery via three-wheeled "Phänomobile". Cargo traffic with truck route Straubing - Germany. Loading of cargo at a small railway station. Cars post lines Kochel Walchensee, Mittenwald. Exit at the train station in Kochel, drive over the boiler Berger Straße, at the Walchensee, arrival at the post Office of Mittenwald. General pedestrian traffic. Sled and ski post transport. Sled-PostBus with postilion, who blows his horn. Postmen in the mountains on skis will take post to individual farms. Horse-drawn sleigh with Postilion for passengers.



Dienstleistung ; Weimarer Republik ; Verkehr ; Post ; Mittenwald ; Kochel a. See ; München ; Presse ; Walchensee ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie ; Erschließung Bundesarchiv Koblenz

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Hinter den Kulissen der Reichspost

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Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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