Hinter der Westfront 1917


1 subtitles: Life and activities in the villages behind the front.
2. subheads: food distribution to the population.
Image: Before a business women and children rush back and forth;
Conversations on the street;
Pan down the front of the houses, children look into the camera;
Women face on a business.
3. subtitles: horse appeal.
Image: military personnel stand on a street in a town with horses on the sidewalk;
on the road, horses are presented and evaluated.
4 Feldgraue leave subtitles: in the home on the way to the next station.
Image: Two soldiers walk individually on a street, the doorways are women and children;
a larger group of soldiers on a different road, Church in the background, men sweep the street.
5. subheads: reinforcing soldiers for mending the roads. Image: On the right side of the road side soldiers working on the repair of the paving;
Trolley drive past cyclists;
Officer as supervisor, horse trailer will be discharged.
6 subheads: Zur Dorfschmiede is working by our Feldgrauen diligent.
Image: Horse and soldier at the blacksmith, creating a Horseshoe.
7 intertitles: A light railway, Which one leads to the foremost position.
Image: Feldbahn moves soldiers as passengers with three followers towards the camera.
8 subtitles: Auto trucks with heavy guns on the way to the front.
Image: pictured two truck go along that road with gun supporters.
9 subtitles: In the villages directly behind the position alarm bell for detected gas attack of the enemy.
Image: A building with an attached table: ring bell for gas alarm 10 minutes vigorously! Abuse will be strictly punished.
a soldier rings the Bell and laughs in the camera (obviously asked scene).
10. Subtitles: The Town Hall in Roubaix.
Image: close-up of the Town Hall, a tram rides through the image, people on the street.
11 subtitles: The main square in Roubaix.
Image: The main square with the Church of Saint-Martin;
Pan across the square, business district, including the building ' Café de la paix'.
12 intertitles: A long-lost luxury: front leisure before the "Grand Café" in Roubaix.
Image: sit front holidaymakers at the tables and watch all in the camera In the area of sidewalk cafes.
13 subtitles: The horses of the Civilbevölkerung will be retired.
Image: Men and women will receive a receipt after review of their horses.
14 subtitles: Cambrai artillery columns pass through on the way to the front.
Image: Hauled column passes through a commercial street of Cambrai.
15 intertitles: Our Feldgrauen as a "Dogsbody" when shopping on the market in Cambrai. Image: a non-commissioned officer and a soldier facing a vegetable stand, the vegetable vendor fills the available held bag with vegetables.
16 subtitles: French and English prisoners from the battle of the Somme await their removal in the Citadel of Cambrai after Germany.
Photo: Large group of prisoners of war on a large square gathers, look to the camera;
sitting and standing waiting, swing along the crowd, look smaller group of prisoner of war before and in a lore all to the camera.
17 subtitles: Tea output.
Image: Prisoners of war with bowls and buckets snake, courtyard of the Citadel are on a field kitchen.
18 subtitles: Wiedergenesene fun in the garden of the hospital "College", Cambrai.
Image: Lying on the grass, swings, exercises on the horizontal bar (pictured right) patients in the garden, next to the swing pole climbing.
19 subtitles: German wounded keep good camaraderie with wounded French and English. Image: Nurses, German, French and English patient shared cone - play ball;
Crowd watching two playing partners.
20 intertitles in: In the City Park to Cambrai.
Image: Walker in the foreground, military personnel coming down a stone staircase.
21 subtitles: Field as art gardener.
Image: Soldiers have created a flower border in the form of a butterfly;
Rest on a bench beneath a sculpture.


Lomme ; Roubaix ; Cambrai


First world war ; Westfront (Erster Weltkrieg) ; France ; 1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; Health/Medicine (disease, prophylaxis, therapy)




Military Film (S); Propaganda Film (S)

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Hinter der Westfront

Im Herbst des dritten Kriegsjahres (Additional title)

Country of Origin:
German Reich

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Year of Production:

Censorship date: 01.02.1917

Censorship date: 01.05.1917

Censorship date: 03.05.1917


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