Lille im dritten Kriegsjahr 1922


1 subtitles: Arrival of the daily Berlin Liller D train. Lille is located only 8 km from the foremost English position.
Image: Arrival of the train at North Station; in the course there are just soldiers; Entrance to the station Hall, life and hustle and bustle of the train station.
2. subheads: Bahnhofplatz.
Image: Swing along the grounds of the North railway station of Lille.
3. subtitles: Panorama of Lille by the Church "Sacre Coeur" seen.
Image: A soldier shows views over the city of Lille by the steeple views of different place points in the landscape.
4 subtitles: The destroyed station District with the City Theater.
Image: Long swing along the ruins of the House and other destroyed buildings; Views of the City Theatre.
5. subtitles: Feldgraue go to the theatre.
Image: Soldiers entering the stairway up the building; Citizens pass by on the forecourt.
6. Subtitles: hack space at the theater, a large number Civildroschken with good horses are available for public transport available.
Image: In the image of the stopping place, passing tram. in the background the hotel "to the Feldgrauen".
7 subtitles: Hauptwache and the "Liller Tonny".
Image: Building in the picture, military guard.
8 subtitles: Pulling on the guard.
Image: as marching end Wachkompanien (with Pickelhaube) military Cape pellet accompanied by;
Ceremony of the changing of the guard in the forecourt of the station; Civilians watch;
Move out of the troops.
9 subtitles: image at the Sunday afternoon concert at the "Jardin Vauban": soldiers, officers and civilians walk through the Park. Children playing, families;
a small group of soldiers is located on a small lake.
10 subtitles: market life in Lille. Image: A market place and order him around hustle and bustle; Carts with merchandise stand around;
rushing past people; Cafe "Mass" on the road; Traders at the market towns with their goods.
11 subtitles: In the stock exchange building is a food distribution centre of the "Comitès D ' feeding you Nord de la France" set up exclusively for Lille's poor civil population.
Image: Front view of the building; People and go out; Snake related groups under military guard (police).
12 intertitles: Grow by troops.
Image: gradually progressing through a street of Lille (with Pickelhaube) marching German troops with military Orchestra.
13 subtitles: German field Bookstore.
Image: Bookstore touted books, newspapers, magazines and stationery;
Clientele comes from the building.
14 subtitles: French Civilbevölkerung observed a British plane. (Weekly English flyer about the city drop bombs, damaging almost exclusively under the Civilbevölkerung).
Image: street life in Lille; approaching tram in a commercial Street;
Civilians and military in the image.
15 subtitles: The daily army report. The same is posted every evening at 6: 00 in German and French language at the building the Liller war newspaper.
Image: Masses of civilians are facing a building with the inscription: 'Reading Hall'.
16 subtitles: Departure of a tourist train to the home.
Image: Soldiers (with pick hood) and officers at the train station;
Military look out of the Windows of the waiting train;
Boarding and departure from Lille;
a railway employee runs contrary to the driving of the train and goes into the last wagon.




France ; 1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; First world war ; Westfront (Erster Weltkrieg)




War Film (S); Non-fictional and Event Document (S); City and Landscape Film (S)

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Lille im dritten Kriegsjahr

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German Reich

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Censorship date: 07.03.1922


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