Bei einer Luftschifferabteilung während des Vormarsches im Westen 1922


1 subtitles: balloon train No.... command is received, to participate to the rise.
Image: Soldiers before a balloon lying on the ground.
2. subheads: Emptying the balloon.
Image: Soldiers in the planning of the tethers; is held in close row kneeling the balloon on the ground.
3. subtitles: Opens the gas drainage hole.
Image: Lines of the drain hole on the surface of the balloon.
4. subtitles: The balloon is emptied by pulling and pushing.
Image: on the ground kneeling soldiers push gas from the balloon; lying empty balloon envelope on the ground.
5. subheads: Folding the balloon follows exactly command, to achieve uniform layers.
Image: balloon squad when unpacking the balloon envelope.
6 subheads: Rolling out the air still contained in the balloon envelope.
Image: Soldeten roll over the balloon envelope.
7 subtitles: Make clear the lines.
Image: Streamline and set-off by the lines on the balloon envelope rolled-up.
8 subtitles: The removal to the car. : Image of the packed balloon envelope by the soldiers of the balloon squad; March on camera past; Folding of the prostrate protection cloth; Folding of Balonhülle on a car for transportation.
9 subtitles: Appearance to March.
Image: A short appeal.
10 subtitles: With groups right swings - March!
Image: Column of the balloon crews on foot and by horse-hauled carriage set in motion.
11 subheads: "must i do, must i do to the Städtele beyond...".
Image: The convoy pulls through a French village; a water pump is operated at the Staßenrand; Soldiers remove the bucket and pushing older woman from the pump, to fill their water bottles;
Soldiers on horseback waving at the camera; two trucks at the end of the column.
12 intertitles: March through the Siegfried position.
Image: balloon troop marches on sand by the position.
13 subtitles: In the bivouac. Image: camp life in the camp; Soldiers in body care and shaving; Sitting outside a tent food prepared from his knapsack.
14 subtitles: on the campfire.
Image: breaks mood around the campfire; Soldiers sit and lie to the fireplace; It is performed; Soldiers playing with a dog.
15 intertitles: A greeting in the home.
Image: Soldier write a letter lying in front of a tent.
16 subtitles: on the second day of the March. Crossing of the Somme.
Image: soldier train marching across a bridge; bare trees on the side of the road.
17 subtitles: after successful arrival on the command camp.
Image: Balloon is pulled over a field.
18 subtitles: Get ready to ascend. The balloon is filled.
Image: Soldiers fill the balloon bag.
19 subtitles: The gas vans.
Image: Soldiers in operation of the gas car.
20 subheads: release anchor. Tieftransport to the winds.
Image: Balloon is moved to the launch site.
21 subtitles: Going out of the basket.
22. Subtitles: Attaching the ripcord.
23 subtitles: The card board.
Image: Installation of the map Board at the basket.
24 intertitles: Hooking of the image Board.
Figure: Mounting the image Board.
25 subtitles: The observer when taking the enemy position.
: Images from the perspective of the Scout; Landing of the balloon.
26 subtitles: German air force.


Air ship ; 1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; First world war ; Westfront (Erster Weltkrieg)

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Bei einer Luftschifferabteilung während des Vormarsches im Westen

Aufnahme der Luftstreitkräfte (Additional title)

Country of Origin:
German Reich

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Censorship date: 19.01.1922


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