Bei unseren Helden an der Somme 1916


1.Teil: behind the German front. Wounded are loaded on wearing in a converted medical tram;
captured French and English at the Citadel of Cambrai;
Reserve forces with pimples hoods marching through Cambrai;
-hauled train column moves through a village;
hauled ammunition columns, light trains, bridges trains with pontoons and mortar units on the road between Cambrai and Bapaume; Stormtroopers drive with steel helmets on open trucks to the front; French Füchtlinge, some with two-wheeled carts and horse-drawn wagons, pull through a village;
Füchtlinge Board a freight train;
blasted by artillery fire streets in Bapaume;
Houses and church ruins in Bapaume;
Horse carcasses on the road to Bapaume - Péronne;
destroyed villages;
Paramedics loaded wounded into a Sankra;
Soldiers roam the destroyed Manancourt, others climb over a mountain of ruin;
Earth bunkers and camouflaged gun emplacements on the slope;
Artillery fire from camouflaged Earth position; Grenade strikes on the horizon;
Ruins and broken lock on the Somme;
Houses ruins in Péronne, soldiers roam the streets lying in the rubble;
Items from the basement entrance of the local headquarters;
Destruction in Péronne: Avenue Donicourt, Town Hall and Cathedral.
Soldiers climb over debris;
Soldiers leave Post Office of Péronne; with Fieldpost
Soldiers climb from cellar entrances and brush off their uniforms in the ruins;
Flak in the bombardment of enemy planes;
Emergency bridge over the Somme at the Citadel. 2.Teil: The fighting in the forest of Saint-Pièrre VAAST;
Going on patrol in the forest area;
Infantry squad on floating wooden bridge crosses a stream;
Mine detonations in the woodland;
Attack of the assault troops with hand grenades;
Attack on the main position;
Wounded are carried back (the recordings can be done consistently by a camera location).
Columns of English and French prisoner on the road;
Camera pan across groups of prisoners, including colored colonial soldiers;
German assault force moves in the quarter;
Food distribution on the field kitchen. 3.Teil: A hot fight day at Bouchavesnes;
Pioneers mined a tunnel with explosives;
heavy mortars in the bombardment of enemy positions, strikes on the horizon;
Pioneers move into rear positions with device;
Closure of the tunnel entrance and transfer of the operation in the pit;
Field gun is loaded and fired;
Assault squad in the trench before the attack;
Pioneer officer ignites the explosive charge;
Storm troops proceed to attack;
Use of flamethrowers;
firing guns and grenade strikes;
second assault wave observed by digging out the fighting;
Attack of the second wave of the storm;
Column of French prisoner on his way to the internment camps;
Beverage output to prisoners;
German soldier graves in a cemetery.


Cambrai; Péronne; Bouchavenes


1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; First world war ; Westfront (Erster Weltkrieg)




War Film (S)

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Bei unseren Helden an der Somme

Country of Origin:
German Reich

Year of Production and/or Release

Date of Production:
1916 - 1917

Censorship date: 27.01.1917

Censorship date: 07.09.1921


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