Die Schlacht zwischen Aisne und Marne 1914


1 subtitles: His Imperial Highness the German Crown Prince at an army command.
Image: welcomes and converses with soldiers; go to the car and can help themselves in the mantle.
2. subheads: Using captured British tank.
Image: Soldiers examine three tanks;
Soldiers work and maneuver at/with a tank.
4. subtitles: German tanks on the March to the front.
Image: Tank, fully staffed with soldiers, along a country road on the camera rolls to her past (two settings).
5. subheads: Look at Soissons.
Image: two soldiers look through binoculars from the top of the place.
6 subtitles: French artillery shoots Soissons on fire.
Image: A road train in rubble, smoke everywhere in the street, run through the soldiers, fire and clouds of smoke from a House.
7 subtitles: The caves of Paissy sheltered so all French regiments.
Image: Crater - and cave landscape.
8 subtitles: The destroyed Paissy. Image: Views of the ruined place.
9 subtitles: Old mother before her home destroyed by the own country people.
Image: Three old women from damaged buildings and scree of ruins of.
10 subtitles: Defense of enemy aircraft.
Image: machine gun positions in a street to protect of the movement of troops (in a building loaded horse-drawn vehicles and soldiers) 11 subtitles: the Marne! (Vincelles is under English artillery fire)
Picture: Panoramic view over the landscape.
12 subtitles: on the rise.
Image: on damaged military equipment and animal carcasses pass;
Rooms a roadblock.
13 subtitles: The destroyed Jumigny.
Picture: Panoramic view from atop a small place.
14 subtitles: Completely unscathed heaviest caliber guns captured.
Image: A gun tube with caption: Jeannette;
free covered another big gun, label: Henriette.
15 subtitles: 38 cm railway guns. Image: the gun tube heaven is directed onto a railway wagon; a soldier lies in the gun tube and look out.
Pipe is extended and upwards; a German soldier for the camera sits at the foot of the gun barrel.
16 subtitles: Airport in Magneux fallen with numerous undamaged aircraft in our hand.
Bid: air sheds, aircraft, soldiers on a meadow flying club.
17 subtitles: The destroyed airport secretive.
Image: destroyed missile parts, fuselage and along bent metal parts.


Soissons ; Paissy ; Jumigny ; Secretive


War (first world war, original recordings) ; France ; 1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; First world war ; Westfront (Erster Weltkrieg)




War Film (S); Non-fictional and Event Document (S)

Translated by Microsoft Translator


Die Schlacht zwischen Aisne und Marne

Country of Origin:
German Reich

Year of Production and/or Release

Date of Production:
1914; 1918 - 1918

Censorship date: 22.06.1918

Censorship date: 14.09.1921


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