Die Wirkung der Hungerblockade auf die Volksgesundheit 1921


1.Teil: Block and standard of living.
Presentation of the English blockade in the card trick;
empty market Hall;
filled showcase of grocery stores in Denmark;
empty storefronts of Jewish butcher Bertha Berg in Berlin;
more karg-filled shop Windows;
Expenses of textiles in the Schuhhaus Leiser;
Auction of oil paintings in the Schuhhaus Stiller;
Danish and Dutch horses as opposed to German horses abgeklapperten;
Slaughterhouse full of cattle at peace operation, the empty slaughterhouse in the wars;
Goats will be carried to the slaughterhouse;
Animated representation of the supply of basic foodstuffs in 1913 and during the war;
Table of daily calories on rationed food 1914-1917;
Daily or weekly rations of bread, butter, sugar, milk and meat;
sporting or well-fed male body to times of peace, the gaunt body during the war;
In the street waste, people are looking for something edible.

2.Teil: Blocked and diseases. Statistical information regarding Childbed fever 1912-1919;
Appearances on diseases of individual patients during the war: hunger dropsy (Hungerödem), hunger bone softening (Hungermalazie), pulmonary tuberculosis, Peritoneal tuberculosis, bone and joint tuberculosis, cervical glandular tuberculosis, skin tuberculosis, Chilblains and amputation erfrorener toes;
People rush before a delousing facility;
Head lice and scabies;
Skin wrinkles caused by emaciation;
Statistics about the mortality of the civil population of 1911-1918.

3.Teil: Blockade and children.
Healthy infants from times of peace in contrast to emaciated babies in the wars;
Work in a patronage job, baby wrapped in newsprint;
Infants with skin rash;
Children feeding by the American Quaker organization;
School doctor during the examination of children;
Performance of children with tuberculosis and rickets, comparison with healthy children of the relevant age group.


Nutrition ; German Reich (DtR) ; 1895-1914 (invention of cinematography up to 1.Weltkrieg) ; 1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; Health/Medicine (disease, prophylaxis, therapy) ; First world war



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Die Wirkung der Hungerblockade auf die Volksgesundheit

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German Reich

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