Israel, Staat der Hoffnung 1955


Fishing with nets and simple wooden boat on the beach of the sea of Galilee.
Tel Aviv: Established "45 years" ago.
Immigration to Palestine: Zionist, refugees.
Traffic control; Street scene from Tel Aviv, close-up of immigrants from different countries.
Newsstand, books. Young people draw something. Gymnastics.
Weitz man Institute of Science: research that benefits the development of the country.
Hospital, social security.
Reparations agreement with West Germany-> purchase of X-ray equipment.
Hotels on the beach of Tel Aviv. People on the beach.
Leisure activities on the Shabbat; No bus traffic.
Haifa: Building; Fishing fleet, shipbuilding. Immigrants from North Africa come ashore. Immigration before 1948 recording camp for new immigrants.
Industry in Israel. Increase in exports from 1950-54.
Construction of housing estates and water pipes/irrigation facilities.
Drainage of swamps. Vegetable and fruit. Planting trees. Plowing a field with a donkey.
Kibbutzim. Cow herd is driven by a cowboy. Tractor on the field. Agricultural workers.
Bringing up children in the kibbutzim.
Harvest of citrus fruits. Transport by ship.
A settlement near Tel Aviv, founded by Berlin Jews.
Naharia, founded in 1935 by German Jews.
Hebräischunterreicht for immigrants. (562 m)

Worse than sound the first ton of the second role.

Schools for children born in Israel.
Road construction. Road to the dead sea. Drilling for oil and water. Other raw materials. Dead Sea: mineral. Chemical industry in Haifa.
Arab nomads in Beersheba. Veiled women at the doctor's Office. Bedouins riding on donkeys and camels.
Defending the country's borders. Told. Minensuche.Wehrdienst in Israel. Women in the military parade with rock.
Jerusalem: street shots. Background information about the truce with Israel's Arab neighbors. Envoy. Mandelbaum gate: Crossing to Jordan (Bethlehem etc.) German nuns care for Christian orphans. Hebrew lessons for the nuns. Benedictine monastery, priests wander. City wall of Jerusalem. Comparison with the Berlin wall. Liberty Bell.
Recognition of Israel by 62 other countries. Independence day. Ben-Gurion's speech at the stadium.
Airport Tel Aviv; Aircraft from El Al Nazareth in Galilee, today an Arab city. Military Cemetery from World War 1.
Mount Tabor: pilgrimage site of Christian pilgrimage. Canaan: Women carrying water containers. Franciscan monastery on the mountain where Jesus gave the sermon on the mount.
Tomb of Theodor Herzl.
Children playing. (505 m)

Source: Sighting Bundesarchiv 09/2010.


Israel ; Haifa ; Jerusalem ; Industry ; Kindererziehung ; Kibbuz ; 1949-1961 ; Agriculture ; Asia ; Gesellschaft ; Tel Aviv ; 01 16 mm project ; 04 development Bundesarchiv Koblenz


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Israel, Staat der Hoffnung

Israel, Staat der Hoffenden (Other title)

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