Anna Müller-Lincke kandidiert 1919

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A comedy by Werner Sinn.
1 subtitles: People: reindeer Piesecke - Herbert p. Doherty Erna, his daughter - Lissy contactor Amanda Ascension, Erbtante - Anna Müller Lincke Hans Stark, Editor, Edna's fiancé - 2. Rudolf Döll intertitles: Amanda Ascension, Chairman of the Association d He radical women and virgins image: medieval woman sits knitting in the room and reads the following newspaper article: [...] are to the National Assembly 6 deputies to choose. The parties have to submit their nominations (list of candidates) without delay the undersigned. The election proposals must be signed by at least 100 voters. The election Commissioner"Ascension happy contains a decision and leaves the room. Piesecke and Erna together happily sitting at the breakfast table. The maid brings newspaper and mail. Piesecke reads the same article, it also contains a decision.
3. subheads: "I put me of my regulars as candidates for the imperialist party."
Image: He leaves the House. Erna opens your mail: (slant written) "Dear niece! You need to come today at the Association of radical women and virgins. I'm going to talk there. You're supposed to experience your blue miracle! Your aunt Amanda"Piesecke and Ascension join several times on the street corner, a short dialogue and separate angry again.
4. subheads: Amanda Ascension has the word!
Image: Ascension speaks 5. subheads in the Club to a group of women: down with the men! We don't need them!
Image: Consent in the audience 6 subheads: reindeer Piesecke has the floor.
Image: Piesecke keeps a little speech at the Stammtisch 7 subheads: "Our friend Piesecke must be set up as a candidate of the imperialist party!"
Image: Ascension has finished her speech and is set up as a candidate. Erna hands her the newspaper with the message that editor Hans Stark as a Republican candidate is placed. Ascension is upset.
8 subtitles: "but aunt, I must do my groom choose!"
Image: Assumption contradicts 9 subheads: "nonsense! Groom! "-You've got me to choose!"
Image: Piesecke is a speech in the living room, Erna was standing silently behind him and starts to laugh 10 subheads: "pool not, you ungeratenes child!" You see the candidates of the imperialist party me."
Image: Erna tells him about Ascension candidacy 11 subheads: "aunt Amanda? -Your voice belongs to me, your dad!"
Image: Erna stands before the entrance of the newspaper "Revolution". When it occurs, Hans Stark says goodbye to two men. He kisses Edna's hand.
12 subheads: "but Hans - the tip Lady!"
Image: Hans sends the young lady out, he and Erna kiss. She tells of their problem.
13 subheads: "aunt Amanda wants my vote, I should choose father - I know me any advice!"
14 subheads: "before you go to the election, you have to see the programs of the parties and which party has your trust, you choose that!"
Picture: You say goodbye.
15 subheads: "on the pre-election."
Image: Piesecke handled with ruler and scissors 16 subtitles: "I measure out my ballot paper themselves: white paper!" 9 x 12 cm."
Image: Hustle and bustle before the polling station inside discussed assumption with a volunteers 17 subtitles: "For the delivery of ballots, only the officially stamped envelopes of the election are to use!"
Picture: You throw away the own envelopes and goes into the voting booth.
18 subtitles: "six votes are better than one - safe!"
Image: Grabs several slips in the election envelope, when leaving the cab, she jostle to Piesecke. Piesecke also distributes several notes on various envelopes in the cabin. Front of the cabin, Ascension Erna pressed again, Piesecke comes from the cabin and does the same. Piesecke tried to cheat a further ballot papers in the ballot box and is caught. Erna occurs at the ballot box 19 subheads: "Your legitimacy?"
Image: Erna shows her passport and the vote. The clock shows eight. DieWahlhelfer accept no more envelopes.
20 subheads: "the election is closed! Who has has not chosen by the voters, can no longer choose!"
Image: The ballot box is closed and worn away. Piesecke comes home 21 subheads: "I'm so excited!-if only until the election's outcome was known!"
22 subtitles: in the vote counting.
Image: election officials read ballots 23 subheads: "Invalid because the names on the lists are taken from two different nominations!"
24 subheads: "invalid because written reservation!"
25 subtitles: "for the six same votes one vote is counted!"
Image: look before the polling people on a panel with the election results. Hans Stark was elected in 1st place, neither assumption nor Piesecke are on the list. Ascension and Piesecke meet again on the street corner and ask 26 subheads: "you're through?-" image: you both sigh.
27 subtitles: 'Yes! -fallen!"
Image: She takes his arm.
28 subheads: "shared suffering."
Image: You see together such as Hans Stark and Erna on a pedestal from the crowd lionized and to mingle. Erna speaks to the crowd.
29 subheads: "free right of self-determination for all!"
Image: Erna sees the two in the crowd and they reluctantly cancelled on the podium. First they protest, but then the crowd cheers for them. All together on the shoulders of the people away carried 30 subheads: "The right to choose - is the obligation to choose!"


Wahlrecht ; Frauenwahlrecht ; Weimarer Republik ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie

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Anna Müller-Lincke kandidiert

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Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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