Messter-Woche 6 1915 01.01.1915


1 subtitles: Berlin: the anniversary S.M.. of the German Emperor, a tribute concert was Instead of at the victory column.
Image: tribute concert on the occasion of the 56th birthday Kaiser Wilhelms II. on the 27.01.1915;
Playing Chapel, musician in tails and with cylinder in the background of the Reichstag;
Pan through the spectators in the background the wintry kahle and partly snow-covered Zoo.
2. subheads: Dresden: parole issue in the presence of S.M.. King of Saxony and SR. Royal Highness Prince Johann Georg.
Image: King and accompanied by welcome officers;
that took army formation;
the King in conversation with officers.
3. subtitles: Austria: A k.u.k. Austrian ski Division in the Carpathian Mountains on the March.
Image: Soldiers on skis, some with slide, go through the image.
4. subtitles: Turkey: S.M.. the Sultan greeted his ministers after an inspection.
Image: Sultan under a canopy welcomes his ministers by handshake.
5. Subtitles: war stories from the West.
6 subtitles: The Crypta in Bazeilles at sedan, Which one Bavarian and French containing the bones of 1000 have fallen here in 1870.
Image: German officers and a senior civilian before building, monument of Gold 7 intertitles: A workplace on the beaches of the North Sea.
Image: Men during construction work in the background covered guns.
8 subtitles: An infantry regiment dissolved to the recovery from the trenches accumulates on a meadow.
Image: Soldiers take on luggage Pickelhaube on a meadow.
9 subtitles: Limbers and horses in pilot cover. Shelter caves for the teams.
Image: Horses and swank between bare branches set up to disguise;
Soldiers in caves.
10 subtitles: An old Belgian windmill Which one served as an observation post, the enemy is occupied by our troops.
Image: Soldiers in the digging of ditches before the old windmill.
11. Subtitles: Alarm in the dunes and the fire position.
Image: Soldiers run into the sand dunes to their trenches, laying in firing position.

Persons in the Film

Friedrich August III.


Berlin ; Dresden ; Bazeilles


Weltkrieg / 1914-1918 ; Military ; EFG1914 ; Projekt Erster Weltkrieg

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Messter-Woche 6 1915

Country of Origin:
Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

Year of Production and/or Release

Date of Production:
01.01.1915 - 28.02.1915


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