Deulig-Woche 1924 1924

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1 subheads: "on the anniversary of death of the Empress' image: Prince Oskar of Prussia lay down a wreath at the"old temple", crowd before the"old temple", the Prince leaves the Tomb 2. subheads:"to the death of Hugo Stinnes' image: Reichswehr Chapel in front of the Villa. Representatives of public life on the terrace of the House, the coffin is brought out, funeral procession, mourners in closed cars 3 subtitles: Munich image: flower parade of the motorcycle club "Electric bird", ride through the city with flower-limited motorcycle with and without Seitenwägen 4 Intertitle: Gdańsk "Senate President Dr. Heinrich Sahm" brought an opposition against Polish ammunition store at the mouth of the Vistula River.
Image: Close-up of Dr. Sahm 5 intertitles: America image: Norman Davis with a group of politicians (his draft to the Memelfrage was approved by the League of Nations) 6 subheads: title: "The new Ministry" image: (place: unknown), before the members a building 7 intertitles: Paris: image: Horse Show at the Grand Palais, driving dressage and show jumping (verbose) 8 subtitles: China: image: truncation of braids 9 intertitles: autumn gliding in the Rhön image: biplane during takeoff and flight 10. Subtitles: directed by session at the Richard Oswald film "Rags and silk" image: Richard Oswald and the actors around a table, a scene from the film, the same scene when shooting in the Studio 11 subtitles: use of technical relief effort in the region the Central German strike motion picture: gasworks in Magdeburg, arrival of the technical emergency workers, coal loading, funerals are conducted by the technical emergency assistance, emergency assistance in a boiler house 12 intertitles: flooding on the main and Rhine image: Mülheim am Rhein under water, boat traffic in the streets and in Frankfurt am Main, streets in the main under water, doors are bricked up, flood in Cologne on the Rhine, embankment under water

Persons in the Film

Stinnes, Hugo ; von Preußen, Oskar Karl Gustav Adolf (Prinz) ; Oswald, Richard ; Sahm, Heinrich ; Davis, Norman


Promotional film ; Köln ; Weimarer Republik ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie ; Erschließung Bundesarchiv Koblenz


Weekly Newsreel

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Deulig-Woche 1924

Country of Origin:
Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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