Bilder aus der großen Schlacht III. Teil 1918


1 subtitles: Previous infantry.
Image: (Total) firing field artillery, smoke clouds on the horizon;
advancing infantry.
2. subheads: 21-cm mortar fire.
Image: 21 cm mortars (21 cm mortar 10) will be loaded and fired.
3. intertitles in: after the battle.
Image: battle field with English tank wreckage (British Mark III), damaged equipment and horse carcasses;
Train columns pull into the oncoming traffic along the road in the battle area.
4. subheads: English flyer shot off.
Image: Soldiers visiting an English airplane wreckage.
5. subheads: Captured British guns.
Image: captured British guns (9.2-inch howitzer), including railway artillery (12-inch railway gun).
6 subtitles: English position with field guns at Attily conquered.
Image: English position with field guns at Attily conquered.
7 subtitles: Conquered fully laden Feldbahn trains ham.
Image: captured Feldbahn trains ham.
8 subtitles: on the road St. Quentin-ham. Image: train column comprising silberling on the road St. Quentin - Ham with folded down Avenue tree.
9. built-in English Langrohrgeschütze in the Roisel.
Image: English long pipe gun position in Roisel;
Train column passing ruins.
10 subtitles: Abandoned English camp.
Image: Soldiers search an abandoned English camp.
11 subtitles: View of the shot location Holnon.
Image: Ruins in the shot location Holnon.
12 intertitles: Heavy English battery in a sand pit in the Holnonwald.
Image: heavy English battery position in a sand pit in the Holnonwald;
Kaiser Wilhelm II. visiting a conquered English military camp.
13 subtitles: French prisoners loaded their wounded comrades.
Image: captured French loaded wounded on a truck.
14 subtitles: in a captured French town.
Image: Soldiers in a conquered and destroyed City (St. Quentin?).
15 intertitles: Captive Englishmen. Image: English prisoners train under guard mounted Uhlans.

Persons in the Film

Wilhelm II.


Attily ; Ham ; St. Quentin ; Roisel ; Holnon


Westfront (Erster Weltkrieg) ; 1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; First world war




War Film (S)

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Bilder aus der großen Schlacht III. Teil

Bilder aus der großen Schlacht (series title)

Country of Origin:
German Reich

Year of Production and/or Release

Year of Production:

Censorship date: 22.04.1918

Censorship date: 21.09.1921


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