Filmdokumente zur Geschichte der deutschen Marine Teil I: Kaiserliche Marine 1907-1920, "U 35" im Mittelmeer 1917 1980


1 subtitles: U-35 in 1917 2nd Mediterranean intertitles: clear to the stage race.
Image: Commander translated into the dinghy on U-35, which lies alongside the Austro-Hungarian Wohnschiffes;
Exit, passed on the four Austro-Hungarian large torpedo boats of the Tatra class to the buoy.
3. subtitles: The English armed steamers Parkgate (3252 t) of the English admiralty, empty from Malta to Gibraltar, is forced to stop after long-time battle.
Picture: Panoramic view of U-35, on whose deck are still the empty Kar ink sleeves, the steamer off the starboard beam this.
4. subtitles: The ship boats of Park Gate with the crew come alongside of the submarine.
Image: two boats with crew come on the side walls of the submarine.
5. subtitles: The U-boat Commander hears a ship's officer of the Park Gate after placing the order.
Image: U-boot tower with flag, before the hearing of the officer of the ship (with swim vest).
6. Subtitles: The captain of the Park Gate is captured.
Image: Captain rises from the team boat on the U-boat-Tower.
7 subtitles: The demolition of the submarine goes into the dinghy (dinghy) to blow up aboard the steamer.
Image: Crossing of four men in a small boat in calm weather.
8 subtitles: in the water line at the rear of Parkgate of hits of that decided the battle in favour of the submarine.
Photo: rear view of the steamer. Steam flows from the Board wall (left in the picture), where comes the inflatable boat.
9 subtitles: Park Gate receives shots into the water line to the acceleration of the fall.
Image: 10.5 cm U boat gun in action: Setup, launch, impact. Steamer sinks over the Sternpost Assembly (long setting the sinking process).
10 subtitles: The 7.6 cm gun at the rear.
Image: the abandoned gun shows.
11 subtitles: While the Park Gate drops, the boiler to explode. Image: after a slow descent on an even keel in the bubbles, steam and water boiler explosions shoot out, the ship turns steep and sinks quickly.
12 intertitles: Encounter with a returning submarine. Happy journey - good success!
Image: running over submarine of slightly larger type (Note: U 65).
13 subtitles: The English armed steamers Maplewood (3239 t) with 5571 t iron ore from Tunis to England, emerged after feel fire fight.
Image: View of the steamer to the rear before the steamer gave up.
14 subtitles: on the first stop of the Maplewood Surendered passing signal.
Image: Drive to the ship, signal and destroyed rear gun.
15 intertitles: After the crew of the Maplewood has moved to safety, the steamer is destroyed by excess water torpedoes. Picture: Panoramic view from the submarine to the ship over;
approaching the ship, floating beneath the water surface munitions;
Explosion in the middle of the vessel;
Steamer sinks about Stern.
16 subtitles: gun cleaning with good weather.
Image: Tower and turret, before the crew members in their work.
17 subtitles: The Greek steamer (2933 t) India with 3883 tons of coal from Cardiff to Oran, is suspended. The demolition of the submarine rises from the dinghy on Board of India.
Image: Board wall inscription India/Greece, ride to the ship.
18 subtitles: The cross on the Tailboard of the declining India is the Greek national emblem.
Image: the ship is listing to port and drops over the stern.
19 subtitles: The English schooner Miss Morris is stopped, the crew got off the boat.
Image: long settings of the views of the ship.
20 subheads: The sailors runs slowly filled with water and sinks. Photo: Sunset with full sail on starboard bow.
21 subtitles: Hunt for turtles.
Image: the animals are brought out of the dinghy on board, partly directly taken on board;
Viewing the turtles on the deck of the submarine.
22 subtitles: Guard sifts through a cloud of smoke.
Image: guard personnel on the Tower, control of transportation technology.
23 subtitles: The Italian armed steamer Stromboli (5460 t) including 1200 t barbed wire, iron, steel, nickel for the Italian Kriegsministerum of Baltimore to Genoa is fought down. The crew is released.
: Iconoclasm crew of the submarine;
Close-up with rear gun of the steamer.
24 subtitles: the Stromboli is the demolition of the submarine aboard.
Image: Tender translated to the ship, on Board of the Jacob's ladder.
25 subtitles: The cartridge is beaten after acquisition of fresh water. Image: Work on the deck of the vessel;
the steamer is already with the aft quite deep;
Grenade impacts in the water line in the central nave.
26 intertitles: Sinking of the Stromboli is accelerated by gunfire.
Image: fast sinking on rear;
Explosion at the side of the vessel, which varies on the water (view from the submarine).
27 subtitles: Sunrise at Algiers.
Image: in the morning East of Gibraltar before the African coast (long setting).
28 subtitles: The Commander continues down its path and the tax man shoots the Sun to the discovery of the site.
29 subheads: The sinking British steamer Patagonia (3832 t) should get sugar from Cuba.
Bikld: sinking steamer kenternd to starboard.
Crew in the boats, the captain was taken over by the submarine.
30 subtitles: Wet feet!
Image: U-35 in heavy seas.
31 subtitles: The English steamer Corfu (3695 t) with 5400 t iron ore of Genoa is sunk after release of the crew. Image: Close-ups of the suspended steamer.
32. subtitles: The English steamer Brisbane River (4989 t) empty for the British Admiralty from Malta to Baltimore, receives after release of the crew hit in the water line.
33. subtitles: The recording was canceled due to occurrence of a British destroyer.
Image: Ship with multiple hits; Shots on larger swells.
34. subtitles: The U-boat Commander calls for the ship register.
Image: Commander bridges staff notes name, size, home port of the scuttled ships in Lloyd's register.
35. subheads: bad life in the Atlantic Ocean!
Image: Bathe, lather up, take a shower on the deck of the submarine;
Use of U-Boot-(Sprung)-Turms in the free area;
Swimming in calm seas.
36. subheads: Scenic ride on peaceful coast.
Image: on the Steilrand of the Northwest African coast on a Northern course, to get to the height of Gibraltar.
37. Intertitles: A steamer with salt herring from England to Genoa after release of the crew blasted drives sinking land.
Image: primarily coastal landscape, (short);
Steamer at the coast.
38. subtitles: The demolition goes in the dinghy again on the steamer.
Image: filming of the coast.
39. subheads: Further demolition.
Image: the operation is due to dark background and the distance clearly.
40. subtitles: Five prisoners of war captains during a morning walk on the deck.
Image: The captains of the English steamer.
41. subtitles: The English steamer (with Geschützatrappe) Nentmoore (3535 t) 5658 t wheat from South America to Genoa is stopped and sunk after release of the crew. Image: The stilliegende steamer in long-term swell drops on rear after gunfire; Commander, sitting on the aftermost part of the Tower, requests from the radio Chief saying block form and writes with fountain pen his message at the Admiral bar of the Navy;
Illustration of radio saying: radio saying U 35 Admiral rod, 10. 30 am, may 1, 1917. For the Navy Admiral Berlin. Am on the homeward journey. Have sunk 21 steamer, 3 sailors together 80 000 t. have captured Arnold; 5 English captains - U-35 Commander gives the transmission on radio mate, disappearing into the Interior of the submarine.
42. subheads: Encounter on the way back from the successful remote enterprise with the victorious Austro-Hungarian Cruiser Helgoland.
Image: Close-ups of passing on port side on bearing fast Cruiser Helgoland.
43. subheads: An Austro-Hungarian naval officer brings the congratulations of the commanding Admiral.
Image: the liaison officer aboard U 35. 44. Subtitles: Three Hurrahs for the returning class of submarine.
Image: Austro-Hungarian battleship Saint George, close-up.
45. subheads: Three Hurrahs for our Austro-Hungarian comrades.
Image: three Cap tilting on the deck of the submarine.
46. subtitles: on the previous top of the submarine a flag for every sunken ship.
Image: Swivel caps;
front radio gallant yard with vertically hoisted small flags;
entering Pola and mooring at the barracks ship;
Captain and sailors on the deck of the submarine.
47. subheads: Commander goes to the message when the flotilla Chief of Board.
Image: Captain Lieutenant v. Arnauld goes ashore, smiling into the camera.
48. subheads: Letters from home.
Image: post distribution on the team, smoking, leisure time, again running boat;
Tail flag.

Persons in the Film

Arnauld de la Perière, Lothar Eugen


Naval War (World War I) ; Africa ; 1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; 1917 ; Navy (Kriegsmarine) ; 1.Weltkrieg (marine, submarine, Mediterranean, 1917) ; 1917 (marine, U-35, Mediterranean) ; German Navy (submarine, Mediterranean, 1917) ; Mediterranean Sea (marine, U-35, 1917) ; Submarine (marine, Mediterranean, 1917) ; First world war




Compilation Film; War Film (S)

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Filmdokumente zur Geschichte der deutschen Marine Teil I: Kaiserliche Marine 1907-1920, "U 35" im Mittelmeer 1917

Kaiserliche Marine 1907-1920, "U 35" im Mittelmeer 1917 (episode title)

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