Deulig - Woche 43 (seit1926) 01.10.1926

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1 subtitles: Vienna, Hill celebrate a Festival in the capital city of image: elevator in costume before the Castle Theatre, costume groups from different parts of the mountain, Schuhplattler dance.

2. subheads: Florida, rebuilding after a natural disaster picture: destroyed houses and roads are repaired, distribution of food and water 3 intertitles: President Hindenburg pays a visit of the State Government of Brunswick from Bild: arrival on the station with accompaniment, striding off a company, took of a Reichswehr unit. Gary Castle drives presented with a companion in an open horse-drawn carriage through the city, waving population, police line, toddler flower bouquet of Hindenburg. Hindenburg and members of the land Government are entering a building.

Missing intertitles: artistry, girl in the swimming Jersey by 30 m high wire in a water boiler from 36 m in elevation in just 2 1/2 m-deep water (Emelka week), the same from 40 m height.

4. subheads: World champion Tunney reception in New York picture: reception in front of a public building, Tunney close, surrounded by people at the roadside large crowd.

5. subheads: "a new competitor of the car" image: small vehicle is of a bird bouquet in the middle of traffic pulled 6 subheads: Indian folk customs image: jump through a hoop, snake charmers, a dance group with Chapel (sometimes slow motion).

Persons in the Film

Tunney, Gene ; Hindenburg, Paul von


Naturkatastrophe ; Weimarer Republik ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie ; Erschließung Bundesarchiv Koblenz


Weekly Newsreel

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Deulig - Woche 43 (seit1926)

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Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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