Der Kaiser bei unseren türkischen Verbündeten 1917


I part: 1 subtitles: image: military chapel at the train station of Sirketschi railway station of Constantinople, a train.
2. subheads: Image: welcome Kaiser Wilhelm II., by Sultan Mehmed v and war Minister Enver Pasha.
3. subtitles: Image: walking the front of honor.
4. subheads: Presentation of high Turkish dignitaries.
Image: Turkish Würdentrager bowing before the Emperor, who shakes the hand, in the background of Sultan Mehmed v and war Minister Enver Pasha.
5 subtitles: Presentation of the Entourage S.M.. of the emperor.
Image: Officers greet bowing and shaking hands.
6 subheads: Presentation of flowers by a student of a higher Turkish girls ' school with the words: "I ask your Majesty to be To want to accept these flowers as a gift of the Turkish youth in awe. Fresh fragrance may your Majesty be a sign that our young hearts beat the illustrious friends of our Padischahs and our people full of love and worship contrary!"
Image: Surrounded by officers a bouquet of flowers is served the Emperor, he continues, and then goes with Sultan Mehmed V. Resad in a horse-drawn carriage.
7 subtitles: Under the roaring Hochrufen of the amount of the car by a detachment of the Imperial bodyguard is accompanied on the move.
Image: horse-drawn carriages away from the camera, go past the stand beaten to.
8 subtitles: street life on the arrival day.
Photo: crowd, many people around the area of the Hagia Sophia mosque.
9 subtitles: on The Galata bridge in the background of Pera.
Image: Turkish naval units March (different camera settings).
10 subtitles: Views of Istanbul.
Image: Rich decorated gate, before that March past military formations (v.r.n.l.).
11. Subtitles: Return S.M.. the Sultan of the first visits to the Emperor in his new place of residence.
Image: Several carriages in the company of horsemen (v.r.n.l.).
12 subheads: The first exit S.M.. of the emperor was visiting the graves in the Embassy Park of Therapia.
Image: Create a steamer, the Emperor goes happens aboard, accompanied by a small marine stand.
13 subtitles: on the resting places of the field marshal of the Goltz-Pasha and the Baron von Wangenheim.
Image: Emperor and accompanied by rise in the Memorial, passing small marine 15s;
Drop a Blumengebindes.
14 subtitles: Visit of the construction site of the House of friendship in divan Jolu built.
Image: Greeting and conversation of the emperor with Turkish men in civilian clothes.
15 subtitles: in the corridors of the Ewkaf Museum. Image: Emperor and accompanied by coming through a journey on the camera, turn to the right into the building, camera pans to the left in the courtyard.
16 subtitles: S.M.. the Emperor in the Golden Book of the Ewkaf Museum inscribes itself.
Image: Emperor enters the building through a large gate and goes right to the wall of the room, surrounded by military accompaniment;
Leaving the building and getting into the car.
17 subtitles: after seeing the Fatih Mosque.
Image: Cars face a large building, the Emperor and his companions leave and go to the car on the side of the road.

II. part: 1 subtitles: His Majesty in the Staatskaik crosses the Bosphorus...
Image: Emperor and accompanied by step out of the car, go through the Bank system over the bridge to the rowing boat in which are Turkish rower;
pushes the boat, rowers sit down, ride across the river;
Reaching the shore, greeting ceremony, entry into the car...
2. subtitles:... and heading to visit the old Seraglio.
Image:... and departure;
the Emperor is rolled out carpet in great accompaniment on the camera (courtyard of the Seraglio).
3. subtitles: imMedschidkiosk a coffee break.
Image: Kaiser on a sort of terrace on a stone pillar with views to the Bosphorus (camera looks from the inside to the outside).
4. subtitles: The Emperor high aboard the Kiran Sultan Selim (Goeben).
Image: Small boat Association during the transport to the ship, swivel (left to right) on the deck of the ship, where the crew is joined.
5. subheads: The first morning on Board of the vessel.
Image: tour of the Emperor on deck and splash some officers;
Kaiser is accompanied by a tender Board.
6 subheads: His Majesty goes to visit the Fort Hamidi.
Image: Entry into the dinghy and departure.
7. Intertitles: A Turkish General lecture about the great battles that took place in the first years of the war in the Dardanelles the emperor.
Image: The Emperor, Turkish and German military personnel are available to a large chart table.
8 subtitles: Breakfast in the tent camp of ARI Burnu.
Image: The Emperor and companion stand on a hill and look at the tent camp.
9 subtitles: Turkish guard on the coast at ARI Burnu. In the background, she occupied by the English island of Imbros.
Image: Pan (left to right) over the landscape with sentry in the foreground;
camouflaged tents surrounded by bleak landscape in the background mountains;
Emperor and military personnel leave 'Tent city', Emperor embarks to the car, departure.
10 subtitles: EXC.. Djevad Pasha keeps S.M.. lecture about the fighting at Kilid Bahr.
Image: with the Emperor the lecturer; surrounded the car by military personnel, laterally from the vehicle (right in the picture)
Adoption by the emperor.
11. Subtitles: The Kilid Bahr destroyed by a fire.
Image: Camera Pan (v.r.n.l.), in the background buildings in ruins, two guard posts.
12 intertitles: S. exc.. Essad Pasha is located on the second morning S.M.. aboard.
Image: The gentlemen welcome on Board of the vessel.
13 subtitles: Parade.
Image. On the deck of the ship plays a military band;
Ship officers and crew greet Turkish flag aboard.
14 subtitles: The Turkish Minister of war Enver Pasha is the Commander of the German Asia Corps Colonel of Frankenberg.
Image: Welcome on the deck of the vessel, common conversation.
15 intertitles: S.M.. the Emperor Sultan Selim distributed Awards before leaving the Javus to officers and men of the vessel.
Image: award ceremony.
16 subtitles: Leave the vessel. Emperor image: Seen from above on the deck, surrounded by military moves over the deck and says goodbye, enters a tender look at the deck and the remaining crew.
17 subtitles: Arrival at the quay of Tscheraganschloßes and proceed to visit some mosques.
Image: Arrival of the steamer, Emperor goes ashore, where cars wait on him and companion, that took Turkish stand, departure.
18 subtitles: Leave the Haghia Sophia.
Image: Emperor and accompanied by coming out of the building to the parked cars, women in bright costume of sister presenting flowers;
leave the mosque building, cars.
19 subtitles: The janissaries in front of the military museum.
Image: Men and women in their tribal dress with flags, bands.
20 subheads: Janissaries play goodbye before the Merasimkiosk, the residence of S.M.. Image: The marching tribe and the band go on the camera by (from left to right;
Panoramic view over the gardens on the marching tribe.
21 subtitles: Departure S.M.. the Emperor of Merasimkiosk.
Image: Emperor and accompanied by step out of the building, are a staircase down to the parked car, left in the image a which came to stand.


Persons in the Film

Resad, Mehmed V. ; Enver, Ismail ; Frankenberg und Proschlitz von, Werner ; Wilhelm II.




Turkey ; First world war ; 1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; Foreign policy ; Military (military; Reichswehr; Wehrmacht; National People's Army/NVA; Bundeswehr) ; Head of State ; Balkans (Albania; Bosnia-Herzegovina; etc - see synonyms) ; State visit




War Film (S)

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Der Kaiser bei unseren türkischen Verbündeten

Der deutsche Kaiser bei unseren türkischen Verbündeten (Other title)

Country of Origin:
German Reich

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Censorship date: 01.11.1917

Censorship date: 14.11.1917


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