Deutsche Hilfe für Finnland 1918


1 subtitles: Our war vehicles and troop transport on the drive to help performance in Finland.
Image: Exit from the port of Gdańsk (to the 01.04.1918), waving soldiers on the ship.
2. subheads: Heavy seas.
Image: Crossing in heavy seas; Warships To give protection, including the ship of the line "Westphalia"; Outpost boats with waves sucked bug.
3. subtitles: Icefields and mine barrier.
Image: Drive by an Icefield; Ice sheets are broken (detail view).
4. subtitles: Welcome in Hangö.
Image: In the port of Hangö (Hanko); Discharge of troops.
5. subtitles: In Conceivedimmense after Helfingfors.
Image: columns on winter roads on the way to Helsingfors (Helsinki); Truck is pulled over muddy dirt road.
6 subtitles: German forces and Finnish white garden in advance on Dräsinen.
Image: Advance of German railway pioneers on trolleys and along the railway tracks; Infantry attack on the railway embankment.
7. Subtitles: Captured red guards.
Image: Captured red guards (plainclothes) run over a track layout; Prisoners train crosses the Helsinki market square with your hands (also in civil)
8 subtitles: The Observatory at Helsingfors.
Image: Infantrymen climbing over rocky terrain at the Observatory, take a position and fire; Verwundeter is returned by paramedics; Assault on the Observatory.
9 subtitles: under the protection of the German flag.
Image: Flag; After taking guns into position will bring.
10 intertitles: A captured ammunition train for the Red Guard on the train station in Helfingfors.
Image: Captured ammunition train at the railway station in Helsinki; ahead of the ammunition train 11 intertitles in fancy red guards: street fighting in Helfingfors.
Image: white guards in the street fighting in Helsingfors, shoot them with snap hooks from the cover of trees.
12. Intertitles: A Parlamentärin of the Red Army is led to the headquarters.
Image: Parlamentärin the Red Army with a white flag in his hand is led to the headquarters.
13 subtitles: The indentation of the Germans in the liberated capital of Finland.
Image: Arrival of the German troops in Helsingfors (in the 12.04.1918), beckoning population on the side of the road.
14 subtitles: Solemn parade of white garden.
Image: Onslaught of the white Garden (with white bands on hats and upper arms).
15 subtitles: The parade of the German armed forces.
Image: military parade of the Baltic Division; the magistrate greeted their Commander General Rüdiger Graf von der Goltz on the Senatzsplatz.

Persons in the Film

Goltz von der, Rüdiger


Helsinki ; Gdańsk ; Hanko (Hangö)


Finland ; Eastern Front (World War I) ; 1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; First world war




War Film (S)

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Deutsche Hilfe für Finnland

Mit dem deutschen Landungskorps nach Helsingfors (Additional title)

Krieg in Finnland (Distribution title)

Country of Origin:
German Reich

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Censorship date: 24.05.1918


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