Rentier Kulicke's Flug zur Front 1918


1 subtitles: The meeting in the "White Swan".
Image: Men in a meeting discussion; a waitress brings a newspaper to the men.
2. subheads: Stammtisch strategists.
Image: The Group at a lively discussion to a card with the front course to the West; Karp arrives; He behaves quite grouchy, complains about his beer and his "convening order for patriotic service in the Adlershof, Berlin service commencement to the 23.10.1918 Flugzeugmeisterei" then displays the Stammtisch brothers; the Stammtisch brothers making fun of Karp.
3 subtitles: you can handle because would fly Karp, your fat heart? Do you have a helmet?
4. subheads: Karp, how many thousands of you draw because now This time?
Image: That enraged Karp.
5. Subtitles: Not one six!
Image: Kulicke angrily leaves the restaurant, goes to his apartment and lays in his bed; before falling asleep, he studied his call-up orders again.
6 subtitles:... and Kulicke dreams.
Image: Two aircraft tug Karp out of bed and force him into a flying combination; then you drag him to a double decker aircraft with the inscription "13 BFA".
7 subtitles: Please to you!
Image: Kulicke defends itself against mounting of the machine; It heaves it into the plane; Start the machine; Flight over the country; the anxious Karp in close-up.
8 subtitles: Help, help! Mr air Kutscher, where are you flying me because?
9 subtitles: to the front!
The anxious Karp in close-up;
Flying above the clouds;
the pilot to Karp: 10 subtitles: If you don't like it, get off it!
11 subtitles: on the front. Flight over the front area;
Soldiers charging for;
Garnet funnel;
Impacts of shells in the area.
12 subtitles: On ruined cities of France: Péronne.
Flight over the city of Péronne.
13 subtitles: St. Quentin, an once thriving town with almost 100 000 inhabitants. The famous cathedral.
Flying over the destroyed Cathedral of St. Quentin;
the partially destroyed city from many perspectives.
14 subtitles: The destroyed Comines.
The Comines strongly drawn by military action.
15 intertitles: Please, Mr. air Kutscher, fly me back home, as far as possible equal to the "White Swan". I must tell people how grateful the home army, must be, that the war on hostile ground.
Flight over the distant land;
Flying above the clouds.
16 subtitles: Over Berlin.
Flight over Berlin;
City images;
the Castle and the Berlin Cathedral;
Flight over the Gendarmenmarkt and Potsdamer Platz;
Traffic in the streets of the city;
Karp calls.
17. Subtitles: Man, there is Yes Aschinger!
The aircraft on the Kurfürstendamm, then above the Reichstag building;
Landing of the machine;
It emphasizes Karp from a double-decker bus;
then he is awake;
hastily, he stands up, getting dressed and leaves his apartment; run
Karp crashes into a building with the drawing Office of the war bond;
on the Office door of the poster with the words "here is drawn war bond. Final October 23 1: 00";
18 subtitles: Nanu, Karp?
Karp explains his dream of the official, who is also his brother, regulars, and then draws 50 000,-mark;
the friend is amazed about it Very much;
that Karp: 19 subtitles: Yes, dear friend, since last night I know that victory and peace is our familiar home.

(Source: development log Bundesarchiv Koblenz)


Persons in the Film

Paulig, Albert ; Bender, Henry


Berlin ; Saint Quentin ; Comines ; Péronne


Propaganda ; 1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; Promotional film ; War bond ; First world war


Promotional Film (G)

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Rentier Kulicke's Flug zur Front

Aufnahmen der Luftstreitkräfte (Additional title)

Country of Origin:
German Reich

Year of Production and/or Release

Year of Production:

Censorship date: 12.10.1918


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