Messter-Woche 35 (1915) 01.07.1915

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1st preamble: Messd Week 1915 No. 35.
2. Intermediate title: Berlin: The Kaiser-Franz-Garde-Gernadier-Regiment organizes a celebration for the birthday of its boss, in the presence of numerous depentations.
Picture: Pan over a courtyard, the celebration party, speech of a military clergyman.

3. Intermediate title: The Vistula Bridge, which was destroyed by the Russians. In the background the Cathedral of Praga. Special photograph of our rapporteur.
Picture: Warsaw after the eviction by the Russians on 05.08.1915;
Vistula Bridge with the Cathedral of Praga in the background, destroyed by the Russians.

4. Intermediate title. View of the left bank of the Vistula river with the old Polish royal castle, which was taken under fire by the Russians after fleeing Warsaw from Praga. Our rapporteur's sapacing.
Picture: View from the banks of the Vistula to the Polish Royal Castle;
Outdoor hospital;
Military chapel.

5. Intermediate title: German military guard on the castle square. Special photograph of our rapporteur.
Picture: Military guard on the castle square;
Soldiers and their equipment.

6. Intermediate title: Life and bustle in front of the governorate building. Our rapporteur's stake.
Pictured: Street life in front of the governorate building.


Berlin, Warschau


Weltkrieg / 1914-1918 ; Military ; Digitalisierung Bundesarchiv ; Projekt Erster Weltkrieg

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Messter-Woche 35 (1915)

Country of Origin:
Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

Year of Production and/or Release

Date of Production:
01.07.1915 - 27.08.1915


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