Besuch beim Pfauenthron 1957 1957


Visit of the German Chancellor Adenauer at the Shah of Persia and the lavish reception by the Shah.

Flying above the clouds, view from the airplane on mountains. In the plane of Adenauer in conversation with his daughter Libet walls. The flight takes you on a six-day state visit in the Iran. Landing at the airport in Tehran, welcome Adenauer by Hussein Ala, the Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Gholi Ardalan, the German Ambassador Dr. Lutz Gielhammer and numerous representatives of the Iranian Cabinet. The German delegation also Felix von Eckardt. Walking off the Finland beaten to. The German school children waving flags. Departure of the motorcade through the city.

Walk through the city, views of the city with spacious and modern buildings, old palaces. Everywhere you can see lions, they are a symbol of power and strength. Lines of cars in the narrow streets. Many Persian women are still densely veiled. The University. While other cityscapes appear, the spokesman reported the spiritual and cultural life of the city. Mosaic-decorated mosques. Shiite Muslims at prayer to Allah. Everywhere in the city found stills of the monarchs, most commonly the monuments of the RESA of Shah's, the father of the present-day Shah, and precisely of the same. Other monuments with statues of historical figures from the Persian history, in addition those with realistic depictions of working people.

In the suburbs, you will find the embassies of foreign powers.

The Palace of the Prime Minister. Here, Adenauer has moved into apartment opposite the private Palace of the Shah. Adenauer at Empress Soraya is invited to a reception on the evening of the day of arrival. The Shah Pahlavi RESA and Soraya in talking with Adenauer.

The national monument of Iran, that tomb of Reza is Shah Pahlavi, the next day the German visitors visited, Adenauer lay down a wreath at the grave. Glittering reception at Prime Minister Hussein Ala. The ladies and gentlemen of the Iranian society and the diplomatic representatives of the accredited Nations are present. Prime Minister Ala shows his guests the world-famous treasures of the House of persichen: the gem-decorated throne of the Shah, the Golden State bed from old time, then the legendary Peacock throne. In Persia, the Peacock is a symbol of revelation. The history of the throne is reported, the number of gemstones which adorn it, called.

The next morning, Adenauer adopted a group of Iranian agriculture eleven, are shortly before leaving for Germany, where they will be trained in universities of applied sciences. The exchange of labor is an essential part of the German Iranian relations.

Visit the persichen Kronschatzes in the vaults of the National Bank of Iran. One of the treasures will be shown. Adenauer visited the worship in a church. Then, the old capital of the Empire, Isfahan, is visited. Adenauer and his companions by the Mayor and senior officials are received at the aerodrome. Move from a stand, ride in the city. In the Palace of the 40 columns, Libet Wallace ascends a camel, her father laughs heartily. Also, Felix von Eckardt riding on a camel.

Views of the many great mosques and palaces. Visit some of the great buildings, the witnesses of an ancient Persian culture. The sympathy of the population for the German guests.

Back in Tehran. Cameraman filming a southern suburb of the city, stroll through the old town, shop joins shop. Traded and sold is on the road. In a street, more lively traffic pull Kamäle, two roads.

Adenauer and companion attend the German school, children give flowers Adenauer, then they perform a dance dance to the visitors. At the end of the State visit, Adenauer is Once again received by the Shah, This time in the marble palace. Exterior and Interior views. Adenau and his daughter in conversation with the Shah and Empress Soraya. A Colonel the Chancellor presented a precious inlay of a portrait made of wood and ivory.

Motorcade on the drive to the airport. Farewell ceremony awarded the Federal cross of merit the Commander of the unit with walking the 15s, Adenauer. Adenauer with his daughter in the plane, flying over land and clouds.

Source: sighting log Koblenz


Persons in the Film

Esfandiari Bachtiar, Soraya ; Werhahn-Adenauer, Libet ; Pahlavi, Mohammad Reza ; Ala', Hossein ; Ardalan, Ali Gholi ; Gielhammer, Lutz ; von Eckardt, Felix ; Adenauer, Konrad


Flughafen ; Delegation ; Empfang ; Kranzniederlegung ; Kamel ; Teheran ; Bundesverdienstkreuz ; Verkehr ; Kultur ; Gottesdienst ; Diplomat ; Straßenbilder ; Stadtbilder ; Geschäft ; Ehrenkompanie ; Statue ; Moslem ; Palais ; Nationaldenkmal ; Persien ; Thron ; Prunkbett ; Pfauenthron ; Landwirtschaftseleven ; Deutsch-Iranische Beziehungen ; Beziehungen ; Kronschatz ; Isfahan ; Tschehel Sotun ; Sympathiebekundung ; Reigentanz ; Marmorpalast (Teheran) ; Schah ; Policy ; Mittlerer Osten ; Moschee (mohamm.Gebetshaus d. Islam) ; 1949-1961 (Gesamtzeitraum; von deutschen Staatengründungen bis Berliner Mauerbau) ; Foreign policy ; Schule ; Kultur/Kunst ; Ministerpräsident ; Palast ; Denkmal ; State visit ; Iran ; Universität ; 01 16 mm project ; 04 development Bundesarchiv Koblenz ; 16 see book special films German weekly show GmbH


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Kultufilm; Political-geographical Film (S)

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Besuch beim Pfauenthron 1957

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Federal Republic of Germany

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