Das Bundesschätzchen 1951


"A love story, not only, turns it to passion, but also the love money." - (lovers) "1950, 340-350,000 homes have been completed, it can accommodate 1.5 million inhabitants, which corresponds to the number of inhabitants of all Hamburg or Munich and Stuttgart together." - (settlement and new high-rise buildings) "a start on the road of success - (road) - the Uncle Sam has made the. But who is the State - (road) - we, we all made a start. -(Road will be paved) - 1950 approximately 1000 km national road have been renewed, but much remains to do, work, hard work, love to our cause. Taxes alone is not enough. You need loans, long-term, short-term loans to bridge the gap."

(different bridge) "4485 bridges have been restored until end of 1950, a total of 5133 destroyed bridges."

"We To want do anything to us, we're all in this together - (launching an ocean liner) - with 47 million passengers. Until March, 51 were ready or in construction of 125 cargo ships with 225,000 tons, 25 freighters and tankers and more than 110,000 t purchased from abroad. Thus we can save 115 million DM on foreign exchange at the current freight rates per year."- (cranes)"you can say, it does what. Life must only remain worth living. We all in turn stay To want with a little passion - in-game. -(Roulette wheel) - but nothing to do with the dangerous slogan: Everything or nothing. -(End of the game in the Casino) - it is better to risk not A lot. It depends on the opportunities. The equation should go on winning and usage. "" - (Losing player) - who can afford's, please, then all or nothing. ""Nothing against football - (football) - this is still better than opium or hashish, and one is in the fresh air. -(They Of course all, the Club, the soccer player or the spectators and the toto company To want spectators on the stands of the stadium) - win. "- (Ball in the goal) - of a friend, the other suffering." (Gate shouting)

"Also on the track (racetrack, square table, bets switch) - that means victory and running bet, dual forecast bets, Italian, etc - (race) - but unfortunately also: also-rans."

"It's heartbreaking, it really to the despair." - (playing cards on the table, card player, dice game) (a 6 dice rolls off the table, is captured by a gentleman and put in the bag) "stop, stop, why because the same despair. Our ingenious era is not without a trace passed also at Bonn. In America has long been known, it is new for us. May I present - (pulls out of the breast pocket) -: the premium Treasury notes. Here is not all or nothing. I get back my usage anyway. I contribute to the reconstruction with healthy selfishness and also I can win 1 million mark. Truly a treasure that I got in hand, a smaller though, so to speak a honey, the honey of the Federal. For them at any Bank, savings bank, Credit Union and at all post office counters to have."



Wette ; gambling ; Wiederaufbau ; Bundesschatzbrief ; Geldanlage ; BRD/Bundesrepublik Deutschland ; Rennbahn ; 1949-1961 (Gesamtzeitraum; von deutschen Staatengründungen bis Berliner Mauerbau) ; Wirtschaft (Arbeitgeber; Arbeitnehmer; Arbeitskampf; usw. s. Synonyme) ; Football ; 04 development Bundesarchiv Koblenz ; 16 see book special films German weekly show GmbH


Promotional Film (G)

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Das Bundesschätzchen

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Federal Republic of Germany

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