Brüning-Rede zur Wahl am 14.9.1930 14.09.1930

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Heinrich Brüning, Chancellor of the Reich at the lectern (breast recording) original sound: "... but only helped to bring public finances in disarray. If you really wanted to help, was allowed to grow to not his care only or that jurisdiction, this or that industry, but had to choose to resolve the plight of the German people as a whole. A healthy economy is the best remedy for unemployment. The purchasing power of the masses is a prerequisite for healthy economic conditions. A people only when assigned public finances can thrive. You could only reach an improvement in our situation when necessary victims all were evenly distributed. We have had the courage to our measures because we had confidence in the will of the German people to live. Through sacrifice and work, Germany has risen after each decline to new size. Why were these emergency measures, not with the old Reichstag but to realize? No party of the last Reichstag is known to me, which would have not described the plight of this or that State in more insistent manner, but to many parties have seen only the plight of those, whose interests they believed to have represented. The conflicts of interest could arise a decisive action of a majority in the last Parliament. The voice of the individual voter was more than the whole of the people. The Reichstag was no longer able to work because he collapsed into interest groups. You would sink into despair on the healthy minds of the German people, you wanted to see the last Reichstag still as an expression of the will of the people. A Reichstag to choose, but which corresponds to the will of the people, that is with you, my ladies and gentlemen. Do your duty and cast your votes who are willing to implement the reform program of the Government into action those parties. Each determined on September 14. destiny"

Persons in the Film

Brüning, Heinrich


Weimarer Republik ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie ; Erschließung Bundesarchiv Koblenz


Sach- und Ereignisdokument; Propagandafilm

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Brüning-Rede zur Wahl am 14.9.1930

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Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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