Fliegerei in den zwanziger Jahren I. Teil 1920

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1 subtitles: On Germany's best airfield in Tempelhof, aerobatics of the best German pilots and our young pilots held in front of 150,000 spectators. (UFA Wochenschau)

Picture: Demonstration of Rhönrädern. Formation flight. Individual aerobatics, loops. Recordings of pilots; Names are not mentioned.

2. subheads: Flying guns. Maneuver of an American heavy bomber squadron. (Emelka week)

Image: Maneuvers with bombing series.

3. without subtitles: the ocean aircraft by Köhl Hünefeld "Bremen", Greenly island with a group of people.

4. subheads: Two happy Ocean flights. The start of the French costes and Bellonte in Paris. (Deulig week)

Image: Images of launch and flight of the aircraft.

5. subheads: The landing of the Germans from Gronau in the port of New York. (Deulig week)

Image: The landing of the German ocean carrier by Gardner with a Dornier machine. Gronau near and in the receiving country. The flying boat will be towed away.

6 subtitles: American airship shoots a captive balloon. (UFA Wochenschau)
Image: Plane shoots down balloon. The pilot of the captive balloons comes off with parachute, the burning decaying envelope.

7.Zwischentitel: cruise of the "Graf Zeppelin" on Great Britain.
Warm welcome of the airship in London after landing under the leadership of Dr. Eckener.

8 subtitles: Walter Nehring set a new long-distance record gliding by 72.4 kilometers in the Rhön. (Opel)

Image: Launch and flight. Nehring in a glider.

9 subtitles: Instead of wing - rotating rollers. American inventor built the "rotor"aircraft, which will take the first flight soon quietly on a ship. (Deulig week)

Image: A fossilized rotor aircraft on a ship in the evacuation.

10 subtitles: Heavier than air image: A large aircraft on the tarmac.

11 subtitles: Thousands of horsepower lift playing the giant aircraft in the skies of image: takeoff, flight and landing.

12.Zwischentitel: Modern postal service. Aircraft takes to make mail without stopping from the rooftop of a House. (Emelka week)

Image: Aircraft receives by Catcher during the post flight from the roof of a high-rise.

13 subtitles: Dangerous birds. American bombers flying over the Capitol in closed formation.

Image: Then in the formation flight over Washington.

14 subtitles: In 17 hours 40 minutes across the Atlantic. The Americans Griffin and MacDonald on her world flight in Berlin. Destination of the flight in 8 days around the world.

Image: The pilots for landing in Tempelhof. Greeting.

15 intertitles: Onward to the second leg in Moscow. As a result of tax break, pilots at Minsk (Russia) had to cancel that flight by emergency landing.

Image: Get ready for the flight.

16 subtitles: Graf Zeppelin over the Ocean on the way to America. The only recordings that were made during the flight for Germany and the rest of Europe. (UFA weekly news) 17 subtitles: day 1: the airship leaves the European coast and wins the open sea.

18 subtitles: day 2: Madeira will be achieved - and across the ocean 19 subtitles: 3rd-4th day: Storm 20 subheads: shipwreck (stabilization surface top right).

21 subtitles: But the magnificent ship, carries further ensure his passengers.

Image: On board. Dr. Eckener. Passengers at the table.

22 subtitles: 5. day: arrival in America. Washington and New York are overflown.

Persons in the Film

Bellonte, Maurice ; Gronau, Wolfgang von ; Mattern, James ; Griffin, Bennett ; Nehring, Walter ; Costes, Dieudonné


Amerika ; Weimarer Republik ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie ; Erschließung Bundesarchiv Koblenz


Newsreel (segment/subject/clip); Report

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Fliegerei in den zwanziger Jahren I. Teil

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Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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