Messter-Woche 4/1914 1914


Credits: © Week no. 4 1 subtitles: apart from a blown up railway bridge over the river Maas our troops have made a temporary bridge in remarkably short time, Which one just happened the first train.
Image: People come across the new bridge, followed by a steam locomotive.
2. subtitles: The Fort taken by us Ayvelles.
Image: Soldiers run through the entrance of the Fort on the camera.
3. subtitles: Grave of the commanders, who shot himself, when he saw that the Fort was to hold No more.
Image: White wooden cross with inscription: "here rests the brave Commander. He did not survive the case the entrusted parties (?).
With this wooden cross (...) the German soldier at this (?) Hero of the obligation..."
4. subheads: Views of the plateau of the Fort.
Image: Soldiers carry around objects.
5. subtitles: in the Casemates.
Image: Soldiers take wooden pegs from a building.
6 subheads: Loaded the guns of the Fort. Image: Soldiers during the loading of cannons.
7 subtitles: Berlin: hospital dogs of the "Red Cross" are brought to the front.
Image: In the image based on a man with a dog it in single file on the camera March.
8 subtitles: Austria: phasing out young officers and consecration of the weapons.
Image: Officers at the inauguration. A priest consecrates the weapons.


German Reich (DtR); Austria; Austro-Hungarian Empire; 1914-1918 (total period; first world war); 1914; Military (military; Reichswehr; Wehrmacht; National People's Army/NVA; Bundeswehr); War; First world war


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Messter-Woche 4/1914

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German Reich

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