Messter-Woche 1915 1915


1 subtitles: Parade in front of Enver Pasha.
Image: Onslaught of Turkish army units on a place, various military branches; Officers in the interview with Enver Pasha.
2. subheads: Awakening of a camel caravan with things for German troops on the March through the desert to the front.
Image: Camels are loaded, waiting group, the camels are the left Forelegs; Issue of food.
3. subtitles: Image: located in a French city, soldiers at a roadblock. other intersection, also a roadblock, soldiers To try to run from the perch and go back in a protective position; Street fight scene; French business right and left in the picture.
4. subheads: Image: lull, Turkish soldiers on the banks of a river, feeding a small sheep, washing their horses.
5. subheads: General Liman von Sanders. Image: General Liman Sanders in a threesome for a photo-op standing ready; Adoption; mounted troop pictured with General von Sanders.
6 subheads: Image: soldiers clear a fire place in the dunes.
7 subtitles: Turkish barrack square old Citadel.
Image: Pan along the facilities and the surroundings, mountain range in the background; Sentinel, children run around.
8 subtitles: camp of the German expedition of the Red Cross on Gallipoli.
Image: Medics carry a wounded man to the big tent.
9 subtitles: Image: infantry basic training at a large outdoor area.
10 subtitles: Turkish soldiers at the road construction in the desert.
Image: Ditch be hacked in the sidelines, loaded stones in baskets and carried away.

Persons in the Film

Enver, Ismail ; Sanders von, Otto Liman


Gallipoli (Turkey)


First world war ; German Reich (DtR) ; 1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; Balkans (Albania; Bosnia-Herzegovina; etc - see synonyms)


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Messter-Woche 1915

W 4683: Türkische Militäraufnahmen aus dem Weltkrieg (AvT) (Distribution title)

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German Reich

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