Hitlerprozess 1924 in der Kriegsschule zu München 1924

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Subtitles: "The war school in which the trial took place" image: Munich: bleeding Castle Road. Total of war school. Portal with inscription "Kriegsschule". Before the Portal: Reichswehr and police posts. View from above on the bleeding Castle Road. The area of the war school is blocked by Stacheldrahtverhaue. Post on passages in the barbed wire. At the entrance: Reichswehr post check civilians entering the building. Reichswehr and police post at the passages of Verhaue check the passersby with wise, probably including Defender.
Subtitles: "Lawyer Dr. Götz" image: Götz gets out of a car.
Subtitles: "Lawyer Dr. Hemmeter" image: Hamid rises from a car.
Subheads: "lay magistrates Herrmann" subheads: "Oberlandesgericht Council Ernst Pöhner" image: p Subramaniam with companion on the camera going to. Stacheldrahtverhaue on an access road to the war school. At the entrance: civilians enter the war school. Arrival of a car.
Subtitles: "Lawyer Dr. Lüedgeborn" image: General Ludendorff, lawyer Lüedgeborn and other lawyers emerge a cars. Civilians pour into the building.
Subtitles: "Military Sentinel are replaced" image: arriving at snow and outgoing guard. Long shot of the road. Crowd flows out of the building.

(Supplement deulig-week :))
Image: Places same, new settings, arrival of the Defender.
Subtitles: "General Ludendorff goes to trial" mounted police at the perimeter. Leaving the courthouse, Reichswehr post salute Ludendorff and companion.

Picture breaks down.

Persons in the Film

Pöhner, Ernst; Berlichingen von, Götz; Hemmeter, Walther; Ludendorff, Erich Friedrich Wilhelm; Herrmann, Siegfried; Lüedgeborn


Gericht; Weimarer Republik; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie; Erschließung Bundesarchiv Koblenz

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Hitlerprozess 1924 in der Kriegsschule zu München

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Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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