Messter-Woche Einzelsujets 1921 1921

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1 subtitles: The trial against war criminals. The Imperial Court building.
Image: Building from river seen...
(from: © week 23/1921)

2. subheads: Prosecutor Dr. Ebermayer leads the negotiation as the highest judicial officer of the Empire.
Image: Dr. Ebermayer blowing coat on a hanger in the wind with companion outdoors, in the background.
(from: © week 23/1921)

3. subtitles: The English Attorney General Ellis home Williams, English member of Parliament, and D.a. of Woods, Member of the English Parliament, go into the building.
Image: standing longer settings of the above-mentioned people as a group, rising out of a car (from: © week 23/1921) 4 Intertitle: also known as the prosecution witnesses.
Image: People in uniform on the square in front of the Court building and civilians go on camera past (short).
(from: © week 23/1921)

5. subheads: Berlin - "Upper Silesia to German remain" giant rally of native Subsquently the Polish war on terror and a contradictory voting Division of Upper Silesia.
Image: Rally in the pleasure garden, participants with posters and banners, views of the Berlin Palace, the Cathedral and the armoury, various panning beyond measure, still image from an old Museum..., mass onslaught on the street "Unter den Linden".
(from: © week 23/1921)

6 subheads (Flash titles): Berlin. The "eternal demonstration" in the Lustgarten. To the memory of Karl Liebknechts and Rosa Luxemburgs, the Communists protest against the Government.
Image: Onslaught with flags, posters and banners. Man with a placard with the inscription: to the interned Red Army soldiers standing next to collection box. Collection of the international.
(from: © week 5/1921)

7 intertitles (Flash titles): Gliwice. The French entente acting in Upper Silesia: Replacement of the main guard.
Picture: French soldiers marching on place, detachment of the guard. Onslaught with chapel.
(© week: 9/1921)

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Persons in the Film

Liebknecht, Karl ; Luxemburg, Rosa


Digitalisierung Bundesarchiv ; Projekt Erster Weltkrieg ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie ; Erschließung Bundesarchiv Koblenz


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Messter-Woche Einzelsujets 1921

Country of Origin:
Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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