Mackensens Siegeszug durch die Dobrudscha 1916


Card trick of Dobruja with a representation of the history of the operations of the German, Bulgarian and Turkish troops;
Advance of the associations from the Bulgarian border to Constanta and Galati.
1 subtitles: Turnovo, the last Bulgarian town, which touched on the way to the Dobruja front.
Image: The city Tirnovo, picturesquely situated on a mountain slope (Tarnovo) from many perspectives;
German soldiers playing cards on a terrace of a House;
Operating in the narrow streets and steep streets.
2. subtitles: Bulgarian and Turkish train columns on the March.
Image: Hauled Bulgarian and türkiche supply units roll on a street above.
3. intertitles: A Turkish field bakery.
Image: Soldiers push bread into mobile ovens.
4. intertitles: A Bulgarian - German - Turkish train camp.
Image: The campsite with the carts and a herd of pigs.
5. Subtitles: There is good camaraderie among the four Alliance soldiers.
Images: Groups German, Turkish and Bulgarian soldiers in the conversation.
6 subtitles: Bulgarian billeting in a Saxon village in Dobrogea.
Image: The Bulgarian soldiers surrounded by villagers.
7 subtitles: Three friends who can talk but not with each other, but understood still well and faithfully combines strong strike.
Image: A Bulgarian, a German and a Turkish soldier on a local road.
8 subtitles: Romanian mass graves on the heights around Cernovoda.
Image: The hero cemetery high above the city of Cernovoda (Cernavoda).
9 subtitles: The Danube at Cernovoda with the famous railway bridge (the only link Romania with the Dobruja).
Image: Camera pans over the Danube and the city of Cernovoda (Cernavoda);
Bulgarian soldiers on the railway bridge.
10. Subtitles: Contrary to Russian Romanian army reports, the bridge despite the attempted explosions has remained virtually intact.
Image: The huge bridge over the Danube greatly in the image.
11 subtitles: Bulgarian infantry in the digging of positions on the Bank of the Danube.
Image: The soldiers at the earthworks;
Digging of trenches.
12 intertitles: A heavy artillery to defend the bridge determines is placed in position.
Image: Rolling up; the gun of an oxen-drawn
Entrenchments of the soldiers.
13 subtitles: at the bridgehead of Cernovoda during a Russian offensive of the Romanian Danube.
Photo: Group of Bulgarian soldiers before the bridgehead;
partially destroyed iron girder;
Bulgarian soldiers firing a light infantry gun on the Romanian Bank;
Usage of the heavy gun.
14 intertitles: A Romanian Russian ammunition train blasted by the Russians during their escape into the air. Image: The wreckage of the train from many perspectives;
Bulgarian soldiers at the blast site.
15 intertitles: General Hilmi Pasha, the leader of the struggling County, in the Dobrogea Turkish army detachment, with his staff.
Image: At the top of his staff General Hilmi rides past Pasha on the camera.
16 subtitles: General Tontscheff, the leader of the struggling County, in the Dobrogea Bulgarian army detachment, with his staff.
Image: The staff rides past with General Stefan Toschew at the top.
17 subtitles: On the combat capable minor of all allies to joint work are combined.
Image: Turkish, Bulgarian and German officers in the interview, also General Toschew.
18 subtitles: General Tontscheff and General Hilmi Pasha during the battle.
Image: Toshev (left) and Hilmi Pasha big in the picture;
marching past Bulgarian unit;
Officers at a briefing on a command post on a hill;
mounted couriers arrive.
19. Subtitles: Turkish batteries under the command of the Lehmann-Beygreifen Lieutenant-Colonel in the fight a.
Image: The staff of the artillery unit rides up, including the Commander Lehmann-Bey: setting up a battle stand on a hill;
Observation of the site through a stereoscopic binoculars;
then access the batteries;
Prowess down the guns;
Fire of the batteries;
the leaders of the gun make message on the command post;
Driving on another gun;
the fire of the batteries from many perspectives;
advancing infantry units.
20 subheads: field marshal von Mackensen.
Image: field marshal August von Mackensen, riding on a white horse, takes, accompanied by his staff, from the took of a Turkish Infantry Division;
Mackensen big in the picture.
21 intertitles: A village in Dobrogea, which was set on fire by the fleeing Russians and Romanians.
Image: Camera pans over the burning village;
before rolling hauled units in the evening.
22. Subtitles: on a German airfield in the Dobruja before boarding a combat Squadron.
Image: The aircraft with some running engines on the field flying club;
Soldiers bring bombs with wooden support;
Loading of ammunition on board an aircraft;
Attaching the bomb to the hull of the machine;
the pilot climb the aircraft.
23 subtitles: On to Bucharest.
Image: Launch of the aircraft;
individual machines circle flying low over the field airfield.
24 intertitles: Constanza, the major Romanian seaport on the Black Sea.
Image: The city from many perspectives.
25 subtitles: The large granary, whose valuable Inhalt was found intact by the conquerors.
Image: The grain silos in the port area of the city;
Combat traces in the port area;
Ships in the roadstead.
26 subtitles: Romanian prisoners.
Image: Train of the prisoners, accompanied by German guards.
27 subtitles: The market square with the monument to Ovid. Image: The monument largely in the image;
German soldiers in the streets of the city.
28 subtitles: Romanian refugees.
Photo: Group of refugees with ox wagons and handcarts. Individual groups and types large in the picture.
29 subtitles: The Casino of Costanza, a Romanian game hell according to the model of Monte Carlo.
Image: The building by the sea from many perspectives;
in the Interior of Casino damage caused by a bomb hit.
30 subtitles: The Russian fleet tried an attack shortly after the invasion by the allies.
Image: war ship far in front of the harbour.

31 intertitles: A petroleum tank unit on fire.
Image: Brand of oil tanks in the port of Constanta;
the fire spreads to other tanks.
32. subtitles: on the following day: only 4 tanks are burned out. The enormous investments yourself, filled, stay full of kerosene and gasoline a prey of the winner. Image: Camera pans over the partially burnt-out bulk containers;
Filling of fuel in a tank truck;
Harbour pictures.
33. subtitles: The German on the Black Sea.
Image: German soldier in the evening in the port of Constanta;
Light of the Moon is reflected in the sea.


Persons in the Film

Mackensen von, August ; Hilmi Pascha, Hüseyin ; Toschew, Stefan ; Lehmann-Bey


Tarnovo ; Cernavoda ; Constanta (Constanta) ; Medgidia


First world war ; Romania ; 1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; Military (military; Reichswehr; Wehrmacht; National People's Army/NVA; Bundeswehr) ; Balkans (Albania; Bosnia-Herzegovina; etc - see synonyms)




Propaganda Film (S)

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Mackensens Siegeszug durch die Dobrudscha

Country of Origin:
German Reich

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Censorship date: 01.12.1916


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