Deulig-Wochenschau-Aufnahmen 1924/25 1924

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1 subheads: "American fleet visit in Auckland (New Zealand)" image: Auckland harbour with the American war ships (long shot), firing broadsides, some shots of a ships out.

2. Intertitle "Squadron exercise American submarines" image: aerial view of U-boats from other boat, single and multiple submarine with cannon on board. Tauchmänover, U-boats in keel.

3. subheads: "ver combining exercise Swedish battleships" image: ships at sea, smokescreen, ships to cancel the fog, ships in keel, aerial photographs.

4. subheads: "launching the largest American aircraft exactly" image: before being launched, Woods will be off tagged beat, the ship slides 5. subheads in the harbour basin ("33000 tons, space for 72 seaplanes):"modern animal care. Mobile Veterinary Clinic in the slums of Manchester"image: the vehicle, women and children (poor) bring their animals, dogs, etc.

6.ohne title: open aircraft with pilot on the MG. Formation flights 7 subheads: "All over the world looking for cooling" image: Beach crowds, children 8 Intertitle "Holiday fun" image: fashion show at the beach, girls in bathing and Stranskleidern, girl at the ball game, imagine the camera in various poses.

9 subheads: "Beach Festival in California" group of girls dancing on the beach to Charleston, to a Kapellem crowd of plays.

10.ohne title dance outdoors.

11 subheads: "Homecoming" image: blossom, returning drunk, probably from drinking cider in Werder in Berlin.

12 subheads: "Narcissus Festival in Montreux" image: flower parade, imaginatively decorated cleaned out car in a parade through Montreux 13 subheads: "Four-year voice wonders" image: child swim in a swimming pool, his hands and feet are tied, it floats still 14 subheads: "Female sports club"Excess fat"" image: obese women's gymnastics and the "Mensendieken" 15 intertitles in: "Winter storms in the North Atlantic" image: ship in high seas, breakwater


Navy (Kriegsmarine) ; Sitten und Gebräuche (Folklore) ; Freizeit ; Sport ; Weimarer Republik ; Freizeit (Freizeitbeschäftigung, Freizeiteinrichtung, Tourismus, Urlaub) ; Seeschiffsverkehr (Hochseeschiffahrt) ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie ; Erschließung Bundesarchiv Koblenz


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Deulig-Wochenschau-Aufnahmen 1924/25

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Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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