Deulig-Woche 1926 (seit 1926) 1926

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1 subtitles: Hannover, Abyssinian troops at the Zoological Garden image: Equestrian group, demonstration of native life 2. intertitles: Lübeck, 700-years celebration city image: onslaught, historical pageant, medieval costumes, through the streets of the city , Groups of uniforms from the freedom wars, model railway 3. subtitles: Rome, first interior shots in the St.Peter Church image: Dome, procession inside, Michelangelo pictures inside the dome 4 Intertitle: original water sports image: uf gymnastics Tree trunks in the water, playful acrobatics on beam and balls 5. intertitles in: Harvard and Yale students in the rudder fight picture: racing boats, moving railroad trains as grandstands, accompany the boats, Yale winner, prize giving ceremony 6 subheads: American boy scout build bridge image: Bridge, climb over 7 subtitles: New Jersey, United States, railway disaster, 2 Express trains at full speed each other scene, rescue work, cleaning up shut 8 title: "Lenope", an American passenger steamer Burns Lake image: the burning ship, several settings intertitles: 400 passengers were rescued 9 subtitles: Auckland (New Zealand), American fleet visit image: naval units, salut-Gunning, heavy and light units, run in the Port a 10th intertitles: exercise American submarines image: U-boats from the aircraft, above water ride, in normal view, diving, emergence of the submarine 11 subtitles: American Flottenmannöver in the Pacific Ocean image: heavy units of the Association, fire broadsides, officer on the field, starting a Board plane 12 intertitles: the "Stendoah" on their last drive image: airship, parachute jumps from the pulpit 13 intertitles: air defenses in America image: flying planes in the Association, Anti-aircraft guns, defensive fire 14 subtitles: 500 shot in the minute image: from a MG defense fire


Lübeck; Sport; Weimarer Republik; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie; Erschließung Bundesarchiv Koblenz


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Deulig-Woche 1926 (seit 1926)

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Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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