Deulig-Woche / Opel-Wochenschau / UFA-Wochenschau - Einzelsujets (seit 1927) 1927

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1.Berlin-Grünau. Rowing on the river Spree, double aft and aft during the training. (Deulig)

2.England. Sailors of sailing down (three masted) in athletic exercises in the yards and on board. (Opel)

3.Frankfurt a.M. award-winning Opel car in flower parade (about 1925). (Opel)

4.Grundsteinlegung for the construction of a University (location not identified).
Lift of the professors and the Corps students, Ministers, certificate, which is walled up in a stone. Speakers.

Grand opening of 5.Zugspitzbahn. Mountain probably Garmisch. The Bavarian Prime Minister hero and the Papal Nuncio Vasallo di Torregrossa at the ceremony, the Nuncio performs the Act of consecration and gives the blessing. The guests of honor will participate in the first ride of the cable car cabin. Filmed away from the cabin.

6.Berlin. In the yard of a police barracks, police at demonstrations.

7.Sportarena (probably in Berlin) with spectators, invasion of athletes or Turner, who speaks Prussian Interior Minister Severing and bringing out cheers.

8.Berlin. City images with Gertraud bridge over the Spree River, Castle, DOM, rotes Rathaus.

9.Berlin-Moabit. Process on the Tscherwonzen forgers, court hearing in the Grand Hall of the Assize Court, the Chairman, the defendants.

10.Lloyd-Schnelldampfer 'Europe' (line Bremen-New York 7 days), the ship in a port (multiple settings). Small model ship moves forward with a man in New York of Europe.

11.England. Mammoth locomotive in London placed in service. The locomotive.

12.Russisch-chinesische border. Russian border guards on the car body. Military building of the border ditch, invading troops with field gun.

13.Berlin, the physicist Ardenne introduces artificial lightning in his laboratory.

14.ROM. Wedding in the Italian Royal House. The newlyweds Crown Prince Umberto and the Princess, the Royal couple, Viktor Emanuel and Queen. Festive parade after the ceremony people feast and dance.

Persons in the Film

Held, Heinrich ; Ardenne, Manfred ˜vonœ ; Severing, Carl Wilhelm ; Umberto II. von Italien, ; di Torregrossa, Vasallo ; Viktor Emanuel


Gymnastics ; Bremen ; Physik ; Weimarer Republik ; Russia ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie ; Erschließung Bundesarchiv Koblenz


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Deulig-Woche / Opel-Wochenschau / UFA-Wochenschau - Einzelsujets (seit 1927)

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Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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