Riesenflugzeuge der Zeppelin-Werke in Berlin-Staaken bei Spandau 1915


1 subtitles: The release of the giant aircraft out of the Hall.
Image: giant aircraft "R.XIVa / R. 71" men of several moves from right to left from the airship hangar and moves on the tarmac.
2. subheads: Ride to the start.
Image: The crew enters the aircraft; Drive to the start; an in the left nacelle engine while you already run another; a person leaving the gondola and enters the cabin; Launch preparations.
3. subtitles: Passengers board the plane.
Image: Civilian persons go with hand luggage on board the "R.XIVa / R. 69"; a box will be loaded from the open cars in the aircraft;
4. subheads: Start.
Picture: the start "R.XIVa / R. 69".
5. subheads: above the clouds. Views of Potsdam and the surrounding area.
Photo: Pilots in the open cockpit during flight (taken from the right engine cowl); Aerial photographs of Potsdam with new Palais, Havel Bay, Observatory, Holy Spirit Church, St. Nicholas Church and city Palace.
6. Subtitles: Landing on an airfield panoramic view from the right engine cabin for the pilot and the leader.
Photo: Pilots in the open cockpit during flight (taken from the right engine nacelle).
7 subtitles: Landing.
Image: Landing the "R.XIVa / R. 69".
8 subtitles: Giant seaplane of the Zeppelin-Werke Staaken in Spandau.
9 subtitles: The plane is brought to the salvage car in the water.
Image: "8301" float plane is supposed to water.
10: Subtitles: removal of the salvage cars.
Image: Salvage car men pulling on ropes from the water; Recordings of the plane.
11 subtitles: The crew. Preparation for the launch.
Image: Standing aircraft, while several people; in the background a passing motor boat.
12 intertitles: Start to the flight to Warnemünde.
Photo: Taken plane taking off from several perspectives.


Berlin; Potsdam


1914-1918 (total period; first world war); Aviation; First world war




Industrial Film (S)

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Riesenflugzeuge der Zeppelin-Werke in Berlin-Staaken bei Spandau

Country of Origin:
German Reich

Year of Production and/or Release

Date of Production:
1915 - 1917


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