Politische Ereignisse in München 1918/1919 1918

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Poster with call of an authority: barrel army good versus reward to submit.

Soldiers with a steel helmet, some with French steel helmet, with rifles at the ready on a scaffold.

Munich: business houses with shot shop Windows and fronts in the town center, strolling civilians.

Soldiers in March column at Munich Central station, presumably troops of General Oven or free Corps soldiers who occupied Munich in 1919 after the Soviet Republic. Soldiers marching into the Dachauer Straße. Uhlans with lances ride through the Sun Street (it is sometimes returning frontline troops in December 1918), armed soldiers without shoulder pieces with a Cockade on the CAP, with rifles in addition. Columns pass through the promenade place, the population waving to them, at the end of car with officers and a tank car and hauled hauled vehicles. Soldiers with a steel helmet on trucks, the steel helmet white tie (white guards). Kolonnone marches by soldiers via the Charles square.

Demonstration of civilians and soldiers, including sailors in uniforms without insignia, presumably from the first days of the Munich revolution of 1918. The protesters fill the whole Street, they carry some small red flags with them.

People's Assembly on large open space (Theresienwiese in the 07.11.1918?). Banners with the claim "For eight-hour day" and "peace and eight-hour day". Speakers not to see.


Innenpolitik ; Weimarer Republik ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie ; Erschließung Bundesarchiv Koblenz


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Politische Ereignisse in München 1918/1919

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Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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