Mit Herz und Hand - Berlin 1954 1954 01.07.1954


A plane lands in Berlin, the passengers leave the machine and pass the customs, suitcases are unloaded. Drive a taxi or bus to the city. Federal Chancellor Adenauer on the bus to Berlin.
The stream of refugees from the Auffangstellen refugee camp, the new Notaufnahmelager in Marienfelde, refugee settlement.
Ruin fields, cleanup.
In a brick factory, new construction material formed debris. All construction fences and reconstruction work.
Beyond the zone border, in Eastern Berlin, Bernauer Straße, nothing happens however the like.
New buildings grow out of the ground, building on the Kurfürstendamm; Road works, bridge construction.
The industries of Berlin's work again in full swing. Adenauer speaking to the staff of again constructed work.
Industrial exhibition in Berlin. Economics Minister Ludwig Erhard visited the exhibition.
Politics important conferences held in Berlin: US Secretary of State J.F.. Dulles, the Russian Foreign Minister Molotow entered a building. Adenauer in Berlin.
Choice of Bundesprässidenten: Prof. Heuß, by the, Hermann Ehlers President of the Bundestag questions, explains, that he accepts his election of the Federal President. Adenauer, by Brentano, Heinrich Lübke and others applaud.
Sports Festival in Berlin, tournament riding in the exhibition hall at the radio tower, fight with Bubi Scholz in the Palace of sports, gymnastics, the sprinters elite during the run at the Olympic Stadium, Derby race in Mariendorf, newspaper driver whiz through the Berlin streets, bicycle race in the Berlin Sports Palace, ice hockey, racing of motor boats on the river Havel, car race on the Avus.
The free University of Berlin.
Exterior of the theatre of Berlin: the urban Opera, the Schlosspark-theater, the Renaissance theater. At the gesundbrunnen, pensioners in the small park have their chat.
Berlin at night with light signs and sausage stands.
Anyone who knows Berlin, will not forget it.

Source: sighting log Koblenz

Persons in the Film

Erhard, Ludwig Wilhelm ; Heuss, Theodor ; Scholz, Gustav ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Ehlers, Hermann ; Brentano, Heinrich von ; Molotow, Wjatscheslaw Michailowitsch ; Dulles, John Foster ; Adenauer, Konrad


Sportfest ; Kultur ; Wiederaufbau ; Stadtansichten ; Policy ; Notaufnahmelager Marienfelde ; Nachkriegsdeutschland ; 1949-1961 (Gesamtzeitraum; von deutschen Staatengründungen bis Berliner Mauerbau) ; 01 16 mm project ; 16 see book special films German weekly show GmbH


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Mit Herz und Hand - Berlin 1954 1954

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Federal Republic of Germany

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