Weil es vernünftig ist 1960


Destroyed cities after the end of the second world war, cleanup, clean bricks, men beat pegs for the fastening of dikes in the ground, destroyed industrial facilities, including mines, miners at work in the coal shaft, manufacture of steel.

Map with a schematic representation of European countries, headline: "Europe Must stay split?"

Meeting euro-wave politicians in Strasbourg (indistinct).

Paris: Konrad Adenauer (Federal Chancellor and Federal Minister of for Foreign Affairs), Robert Schuman (franz. Minister of Foreign Affairs), Count Carlo Sforza (Minister for Foreign Affairs of Italy), Dirk Stikker (Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands).

Signature of the Treaty establishing the European coal and Steel Community on 18 April 1951 in the clock room of franz. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Count Sforza, Stikker, Adenauer and Schuman.

Group photo for the photographer. Konrad Adenauer speaking after signing the contract to Bonn journalists: (quote): "so, the steel has in the past, in recent decades, in the past centuries with the struggle of the peoples of Europe against each other fatal played a role, because all the weapons were from iron and steel." Now iron and steel to bring together the peoples of Europe to a commonality of action and thinking."

Luxembourg: Walter Hallstein (State Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Heinz Potthoff (head of the German delegation in the Ruhr authority), Franz Etzel (member of the high authority of the coal and Steel Community).

First meeting of the high authority of the coal and Steel Community on 10 August 1952 in Luxembourg: Hallstein and Potthoff appear at the Conference building, Dr. Heinz Potthoff speaks at the lectern, Franz Etzel is located among the delegates.

Konrad Adenauer, Robert Schuman meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Community coal and steel, are present such as Adenauer and Schuman. Departure of a freight train, refineries, coal dumps, coal mine: Plants for days, work in the Gallery, including support of the shaft and machine milling out the coal.

Research on combating and prevention of accidents in the mining industry: respirators equipped miners go with bent through a tunnel filled with gas, supply an injured lying on the ground.

Two apprentices dressed himself and then by a miner informed, share out the miner's lamps, driving Loren in a shaft.

Construction of apartments on behalf of the high authority, completed blocks. Exterior of a steel plant, working on the blast furnace, automatic rolling road.

Bonn: Konrad Adenauer, Walter Hallstein, Joseph BECH (Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Luxembourg). Conference of Foreign Ministers of the six countries of the European Community in Rome (1955): at the negotiating table Adenauer are, Hallstein and Joseph Bech, group photo for the photographer. Strasbourg: Hans Furler (President of the common Assembly of the coal and Steel Community). First session of the European Parliament in March 1958 in Strasbourg, Hans Furler at the lectern.

Rome: Konrad Adenauer signed the Treaty of Rome (EEC) in March 1957.

Strasbourg: Ludwig Erhard (Economics), Robert Schuman (President of the European Parliament), Walter Hallstein.
Arrival before the meeting the European Parliament building in Strasbourg, congratulating Robert Schuman after his election as President in March 1958, Hallstein at the lectern.

Berlin Hahn Meitner Institute for nuclear research, large pilot plant and lab rooms.

Joint School for children of European officials in Brussels.

In the Lecture Hall of a University.

Loading/unloading a locomotive from a ship, issued shovel, passenger cars and machinery.

Walter Hallstein at the lectern. (Quote): "in at least 11-14 years old it is To give no duties more between the six countries of the community and any other restrictions on trade." 165 million Europeans will find identical or at least similar conditions, economic and social factors, in allenLändern. This is the biggest step towards the unification of Europe. He is good because he is reasonable."

Passing freight trains, tariff barriers, open questioning by customs officials of the European community about the further impact of the conclusion of the contract (original sound).

Last picture.

Music at the end.

Source: sighting log Koblenz.

Persons in the Film

Sforza, Carlo ; Bech, Joseph ; Etzel, Franz ; Potthoff, Heinz ; Schuman, Robert ; Hallstein, Walter ; Erhardt, Ludwig ; Stikker, Dirk ; Adenauer, Konrad


1951 ; Außenministerkonferenz ; Europäische Gemeinschaft für Kohle und Stahl ; Deutschland ; Europäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft ; 01 16 mm project

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Weil es vernünftig ist

Robert Schuman's Idee nach 10 Jahren (Other title)

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