Kaiserliche Kriegsmarine 1930


"U 1", the first German submarine, built in 1905-06;
Ships of the Kaiser class;
Ship of the line "Nassau", launched in 1908 in Kiel;
Ship of the East Friesland class;
Cruiser "Karlsruhe", launched in 1912, sank on the 04.11.1914 in the Atlantic;
S.M.S.. "Pomerania", launched in 1905 in Stettin, sunk in the 01.06.1916 torpedo shot;
Admiral Reinhard by Scheer in the circle of his staff with Captain Adolf von Trotha and Captain Magnus von Levetzow 1916 on the flagship "Frederick the great";
Ship the Braunschweig class;
"Roon" Battleship, launched 1903 in Kiel, 1916 Watchtower and barracks ship in Kiel;
Training Tower gun; on the 8.8 S.K and setting exercises at 30.5 cm
English battleship "King George v", in the battle of Jutland flagship of the 1. English Division;
Battleship "York", launched in 1904 in Hamburg, dropped on the 04.11.1914 in the Jade estuary;
Target ship for ship artillery exercises;
"Sleipner T 97", launched in 1899, 1914 coastal defence boat; Imperial yacht "Hohenzollern", launched in 1892 in Szczecin, aboard Emperor Wilhelm II;
Battleship "Prince Henry", launched in 1900 in Kiel, 1916 Office ship keel;
Inauguration of Prince Heinrich bridge over the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Kanal in Holtenau in the presence of Emperor Wilhelm II, Prince Heinrich of Prussia, the great admirals of Alfred von Tirpitz and Hans by Koester, as well as all former Naval Commander;
small S boat and a ship of the King class;
Torpedo boat half flotilla p. 13 - p. 24 on the high seas.

Persons in the Film

Trotha von, Adolf ; Koester von, Hans ; Scheer, Reinhard ; Preußen von, Heinrich ; Tirpitz von, Alfred Peter Friedrich ; Levetzow von, Magnus ; Wilhelm II.


Naval War (World War I) ; 1895-1914 (invention of cinematography up to 1.Weltkrieg) ; 1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; Navy (Kriegsmarine) ; First world war




Military Film (S)

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Kaiserliche Kriegsmarine

Country of Origin:
German Reich

Year of Production and/or Release

Date of Production:
1930 - 1939
1908 - 1918


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